About Us

On this site, you'll find more information about the structure of our organization, the projects we've been working on, and how to get involved. If you don't know much about the SGA, I encourage you to look around for a few minutes and learn more.

If you're looking to get more involved, there's plenty of opportunities to do so! On our different pages, you'll see plenty of contact information for our different officers, senators, and committee chairs. Everyone on the SGA would love to hear from you, so please don't hesitate to contact us. The SGA is the only organization on campus in which all students are members, and all of our committees are open for all students to join.

Do you have a suggestion or an idea for us? Again, please use the contact information on this site or send us an email at sga@davidson.edu.

Thanks again for checking us out, and we look forward to hearing from you!


Davidson's student government began in 1896 with the election of the college's first student body president Archibald Currie. The Student Council was created later in 1909 in order to give the student body responsibility in enforcing the Honor Code. The Student Government has existed since this time as an integral part of student life. In 1969, the Student Council changed its name to the Student Government Association, which it is known as today.


The SGA consists of three branches while the authority of the student body is vested in and exercised through committees, councils, and boards:


Executive Branch
Consists of the elected president, vice president, four class presidents, as well as the appointed chancellor, treasurer, and director of public relations.

Legislative Branch (Senate)
Consists of 15 elected class senators, a senator from each Patterson Court Council organization, four independent senators, one Black Student Coalition (BSC) senator, one Davidson International Association (DIA) senator, and four Diversity Coordinating Board senators

Judicial Branch
Consists of one member from each of the three upper classes appointed by the SGA President. The Judicial Branch is responsible for removing elected SGA officials from office, and to serve as the final authority in the interpretation of the bylaws


Councils are semi-autonomous bodies that are ultimately subject to the Senate at all times.

Civic Engagement Council
Serves as the umbrella organization for student service or social action groups.

Elections Council
Conducts all SGA elections. Consists of a chairperson appointed by the SGA president and three members nominated by the chairperson and approved by the Senate.

Activities Tax Council
Allocates the student activities tax to all chartered student organizations desiring funds. Consists of a chair, vice-chair, the coordinator of Student Activities, the Dean of Students, the SGA treasurer, and five members of the student body.


Boards are completely autonomous from the Senate, but are still regulated by Senate bylaws.

Union Board
Serves as the major programming organization on campus. Organizes and promotes social and cultural activities. Visit the Union Board website.

The Diversity Coordinating Board
Serves as an alliance amongst minority organizations on campus and reviews minority-related policies.


Committees consider matters discussed in Senate and make recommendations to the Senate in their area of jurisdiction. They allow both students and Senators to contribute to multiple aspects of campus life and to the broader Davidson experience. Please visit our committees page for more information.