Reimagining the Liberal Arts

Culture of free inquiry, characterized by intellectual engagement, where risk taking and failure are essential for growth.

Curriculum based on students doing original work inside and outside the classroom, where students discover new knowledge, express new insights, and create art—every day.

Inclusive pedagogy with cross-institutional collaborations, creative, synergistic curriculum; nationally distinguished faculty and programs; dynamic, active and community-based learning; and holistic, tailored advising.

A Commitment to Educational Excellence and Access

A diverse community where inclusivity is a commitment and broad practice; all our students feel welcome, supported, seen and heard; and equal educational opportunity is made real.

Where athletes are scholars, wellness and health are high priorities, and each individual can flourish and thrive.

A welcoming campus community that supports the whole person, where we focus on talents such as writing and speaking clearly, analyzing complex problems from multiple perspectives, compassion, integrity and moral courage.

Disproportionate Impact

Students discover their passion and talents in light of what the world needs and through meaningful summer experiences, internships and international opportunities.

Graduates are creative, compassionate, global citizens and lifelong learners who have transformational impact in the world and lead in service of something larger than self.

Faculty and staff model living full, integrated lives of consequence. College community serves as a source of lifelong connections and career support.