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Martin Chemical Laboratory

Martin Chemistry Laboratory includes a lecture hall, a seminar room, a computer lab, six teaching laboratories, eight student-faculty research laboratories, several instrument rooms, and offices for both faculty and staff.

Major instrumentation includes a 400 MHz FT-NMR; a FT-IR; and instruments for atomic absorption, UV-VIS, circular dichroism, and fluorescence spectroscopy. Other instruments include an ion chromatograph, a HPLC system, a GC, a GC-MS, protein chromatography systems, several lasers, and a polarized light microscope.

The building was named for William Joseph Martin (1830-1896), professor of chemistry, geology, and natural history (1869-1896) and acting college president (1887-1888) and William Joseph Martin, Jr. (1868-1943), professor of chemistry (1896-1912) and college president (1912-1929).


Located at 325 Concord Road, Martin Chemistry faces the Sloan Music Center at the south end of Chambers Building. Parking is available along Concord Road, Faculty Drive and in visitor parking at Baker Sports Complex.