The Duke-Davidson Immunology Partnership was established in 2009 by Prof. Sophia Sarafova, who is a full-time associate professor of biology and adjunct associate professor at Duke Immunology Department.

This program aims to provide students with an exposure to the subject of immunology from academic and research perspectives while allowing graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at Duke an opportunity to hone their teaching and mentoring skills.

Typically interested Davidson students would take the Immunology Class (Bio 307) and either Immune System Dysfunction (Bio 364) or Immunopharmacology (Che 375) in their junior year. Then they will be able to apply for the Duke-Davidson Immunology Summer Program, a ten-week intensive research program at Duke. Independent research in immunology and genetic (Bio 371/2) is also available with Prof. Sarafova and can be started at any time.

All interested students also have the opportunity to accompany Prof. Sarafova to the Duke immunology department invited speaker series a few times during the semester and participate in the Duke immunology department annual retreat. Duke graduate students and postdoctoral fellows have the opportunity to teach at the undergraduate level at Davidson for up to a week as guest lecturers in Prof. Sarafova's classes.

The Duke-Davidson Immunology Summer Program

Duration: 5 or 10 weeks, exact dates TBA

Prerequisites: Rising juniors and seniors who have taken A Bio class with lab.

Preference will be given to students who have taken Bio 307.

Announcement: Comes out in mid-February and application is due mid-March; not available every year