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  • Exterior ground-level view showing architectural rendoring of Wall Academic Center
  • Aerial view showing architectural rendoring of Wall Academic Center
  • Interior view of proposed classroom as an architecural rendoring

College Relations

p: 704-894-2017

Mailing Address

Box 7169
Davidson, NC 28035

Shipping Address

209 Ridge Road
Davidson, NC 28035

E. Craig Wall Jr. Academic Center

Goals of New Building

  • Facilitates transdisciplinary learning
  • Provides catalysts for campus community activity: connecting the arts and sciences
  • Creates a hub for collaboration
  • Actively engages students in learning
  • Encourages students to think and work like scientists
  • Serves as a campus gateway
  • Promotes undergraduate research and the creation of original work
  • Consolidates wet sciences

Proposed Features

Please note: Quantities reflect ideal scenarios

  • 20 Teaching Laboratory Spaces - for classroom experiments and group investigations
  • 36 Research Labs - for independent faculty research and student collaboration
  • 49 Faculty Offices - for the departments of biology, chemistry, psychology, neuroscience and environmental science
  • Shared Faculty and Student Common Areas - to facilitate both formal and information learning
  • 5 Learning Environments - for lectures, presentations and group discussions
  • Open Forum Space - provides gathering place for the campus community and encourages collaboration among faculty, students and staff