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Anthropology Minor

Anthropology is an ideal complement to a number of majors. Anthropological theory has been an important influence in contemporary interpretations of religion, literature, and social history, while the cross-cultural approach of anthropology will be of particular importance to those interested in international careers.

Courses examine issues of race and ethnicity from a variety of perspectives. Offerings in archaeology provide coverage of a number of past time periods and societies as well as theoretical perspectives that usefully supplement offerings of the history department. For those interested in biology, anthropologists have been prominent in primatology (the study of primates), the study of human evolution, forensics, and studies of human ecology, including comparative medical systems, nutrition, and human adaptation. Pre-med students may wish to take advantage of courses in medical anthropology or human evolution. Those studying Africa, the African diaspora, East Asia, and Latin America will also find several courses relevant to their interests.

Minor Requirements

A minor in anthropology requires six anthropology courses, including:

  • Anthropology 101, 102, or 108
  • One methods course (371, 372, 374, 375, 376, or 377)
  • Four other courses in anthropology, including one 200 or above and one 300 or above

At least four of these courses must be taken in residence at Davidson College, and courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis at Davidson may not be counted toward the minor. No more than two courses can be counted toward another major or minor.

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