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Basma Botros


M.A. Eastern Illinois University
B.A. International Academy for Media and Engineering Sciences Cairo, Egypt


My research interests include the effects of media – specifically social networks – on countries with oppressive governments. I examine social media's impact on the political platforms as it gives voice to the voiceless, and the effect of different media outlets on the Arab Spring.  Lately I have focused my research on Egypt as a case study.

In addition to my research and teaching, I have translated from Arabic to English some articles for Al-Jadid Magazine, as well as a couple of book reviews in collaboration with some advanced Arabic students. My article, "Collectively we Unite: A case study of Social Networks for a cause" (co-written with Melanie Mills), was published recently in the book Social Media Go to War: Rage, Rebellion and Revolution in the Age of Twitter.


  • ARB 332 Media in the Arab World
  • ARB 331 Arab Media and Society
  • ARB 335 Contemporary Egyptian Society
  • ARB 340 Gender studies in the Middle East