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Policy on Courses Taken Elsewhere

Art majors may receive up to two credits towards their major for courses taken elsewhere.

  • You should have your transcript sent from the school to the Registrar's Office at Davidson.
  • If the Registrar awards Art 199 or 299 credit(s) for the studio and/or art history courses, then you will need to submit documentation of work done to the department assistant.
  • Submissions should be made in a timely manner.  Documentation includes the syllabus, class notes, any papers written, projects undertaken, tests, and the final examination.
  • For a studio class, all two-dimensional work and documentation of three-dimensional work should also be submitted.
  • A Review for Credit form, available through the department assistant, should accompany each set of materials.
  • A copy of the notification of Art 199 or 299 credit should also be included.
  • The material will be evaluated by a committee of either studio or art history faculty, as appropriate, in order to determine whether the work meets Art Department standards for credit toward the major.  
  • If, in the faculty's opinion, the case is borderline, you will be asked to pass a test to verify your competency in the subject matter of the course in question.

Reminder: The Art Department does not assign credit for graduation. Credits are assigned by the Registrar's Office.