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  • Student studying abroad in Iran

    Art History Major Lyla Halsted '14 spent a summer in Iran conducting research for her thesis on Islamic gardens.

  • Art History students in Vienna

    The class of 2014 art history majors traveled to Vienna, Austria as part of their senior capstone course on Fin de Siecle Vienna.

Education Abroad

All art majors are encouraged to study abroad. The Art Department provides occasional international experiences in art history based in Rome, Paris, or London. Participants are chosen through an application and interview process and do not have to be art majors.


The Art Department faculty and Davidson's Office of Education Abroad can provide information on numerous programs offered by other institutions that include the rigorous academics necessary for a student to receive transfer credit at Davidson.


The study abroad policy ensures that courses taken through the study abroad programs of other institutions are as academically rigorous and comprehensive as a comparable course offered at or through Davidson College.

  • Art majors may receive up to two credits towards their major for courses taken abroad
  • Students will need to submit documentation of work done to the department assistant by September 10 for the previous spring or summer semester's courses, or February 10 for the fall semester's.
  • Documentation includes syllabus, class notes, any papers written, projects undertaken, tests, and the final examination
  • For a studio class, all two-dimensional work and documentation of three-dimensional work should be submitted
  • The material will be evaluated by a committee of either studio or art history faculty, as appropriate, in order to determine whether the work meets department standards
  • If in the faculty's opinion the case is borderline, the student will be asked to pass a test to verify her or his competency in the subject matter of the course in question

Reminder: The Art Department does not assign credit for graduation. Credits are assigned by the Registrar's Office.