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Biology 251

Biology 251 - Light Microscopy Group Investigation


  • Demonstrate practical and theoretical knowledge of light microscopy
  • Produce an electronic image portfolio using a variety of light microscopy techniques
  • Demonstrate practical and theoretical understanding of techniques related to micrscopy such as staining, microinjection, and sectioning 
  • Demonstrate abilities to discuss microscopy with other scientists by asking and answering questions
  • Examine recent advances in microscopy techniques such as Brainbow, optogenetics, & super resolution microscopy

 Students will collaboratively engage in the scientific discovery process by:

  • Updating and annotating the lab's protocol web sites
  • Creating an image calendar
  • Generating an experimental answer to a scientific challenge question using microscopy


Biology 111 and instructor permission


Meeting Time

One three-hour afternoon meeting and on your own time as needed to perform experiments and complete assignments. Expect to invest at least 10 hours per week for this course.