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Karin Stevens


M.S. University of California, Berkeley
B.S. Davidson College


I teach introductory chemistry courses as well as a non-science major lab course focused on food chemistry. I am interested in how the modern era (post-WWII) has changed our food system and eating habits.

I enjoy learning about how modern farming has transformed our country's foodscape. How we buy and eat foods, as well as the nutritional value of many crops has changed since the middle of the previous century. I am interested in understanding where food comes from (beyond simply "the grocery store") and how my food choices affect farmers as well as myself. My parents have a small, organic farm nearby which allows me to source some of my own food straight from the farm. It also gives me an opportunity to get my hands dirty raising and caring for animals and crops. Yes, I do know how to milk a cow! The town of Davidson has a vibrant, year round farmer's market which offers wonderful food options. The market allows me to enjoy fresh, seasonal foods and has introduced many new varieties of fruits and vegetables to my family's table.


CHE 115 Principles of Chemistry