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Global Literary Theory Major

In order to major in global literary theory, you must apply through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.


Caroline Beschea-Fache, Associate Professor of French and Francophone Studies
Keyne Cheshire, Associate Professor of Classics, Department Chair
Scott Denham, Dana Professor and Chair of German Studies
Amanda Ewington, Professor of Russian Studies, Department Chair
Melissa González, Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies 
Rebecca Joubin, Associate Professor of Arab Studies, Department Chair
Kyra Kietrys, Associate Professor and Chair of Hispanic Studies
Zoran Kuzmanovich, Professor and Chair of English

Learning Outcomes

Students who major in global literary theory will:

  • gain a theoretically informed, global and transnational understanding of literature and a firm grounding in
    major literary theories and schools from the classical era to the present;
  • gain a thorough understanding of literary genre, history, and periodization in a comparative, global,
    transnational manner;
  • gain competencies in reading, discussing, and writing about literature and literary theory and criticism in a
    language other than English;
  • practice the creative work of literary translation;
  • gain an understanding of the power of literary language and literary practices across languages, cultures,
    and nations over time;
  • complete, present in a public forum, and defend before a committee of faculty a substantial written thesis
    that is the product of independent research over more than two semesters.

Course Requirements

The major requires 11 courses, including the two-semester senior thesis. Normally, a student may count no more than one independent study toward the major.

Two required courses

  • ENG 391 Literary Criticism (to be taken before senior year)
  • LIT 432 Theory and Practice of Literary Translation (normally spring of senior year)

One of the following

  • ANT 341 Globalization
  • GSS 201 Theories in Gender and Sexuality Studies
  • REL 301 Perspectives in the Study of Religion
  • PHI 216 Philosophy of Language
  • SOC 372 Feminist Theories
  • THE 383 Contemporary Performance
  • or another similar course, with approval.

Six literature courses at 200-level or above

  • Three courses must be from any single literary tradition taken and taught in a language other than English.
  • Three courses must be from three other different literary traditions and may be taken in the original
    language or in translation.

Of these six courses,

  • at least one must be on a specific genre,
  • at least one on a specific period,
  • at least one on a specific author;
  • and at least one must be a seminar.

Literature courses that satisfy the global literary theory major are listed under the global literary theory
(LIT) concentration in the catalog.

Thesis (both courses required)
  • CIS 495 Thesis (fall)
  • CIS 496 Thesis (spring)