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Course Schedule Planning

Tentative 2017-18 Courses

Please note that this tentative schedule is subject to change.

Fall 2017

CLA 111 The Ancient World
CLA 141 Greek Art and Architecture
CLA 280 Troy and the Trojan War
CLA 480 Senior Research Seminar
GRE 201 Intermediate Greek
GRE 224/324 Greek Tragedy: Sophocles' Oedipus the King
LAT 101 Elementary Latin I
LAT 201 Intermediate Latin
LAT 222/322 Roman Lyric and Elegy: Catullus

Spring 2018

CLA 122 Roman Literature in Translation
CLA 142 Roman Art and Architecture
CLA 252 Classics in the Cinema
CLA 436 The Roman Revolution
GRE 103 Intensive Elementary Greek
GRE 266/366 Greek Philosophers: Plato's Gorgias
LAT 102 Elementary Latin II
LAT 211/311 Roman Epic: Vergil's Aeneid