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Careers, Internships, & Graduate School


An interdisciplinary minor in communication studies provides graduates with a strong foundation in the theory, history, and practice of communication. Our recent graduates have pursued careers in a variety of fields. Examples include:

  • An English major focusing on interpersonal communication has worked in public relations for such companies as the Horn Group, Brew Media Relations, and Food52
  • A music major focusing on mass communication has worked as a producer for such companies as Young & Rubicam and Erwin-Penland Advertising
  • A political science major focusing on public/rheotric communication has worked in politics as a legislative assistant for UPS and staff assistant in the U.S. House of Representatives


Students with interdisciplinary minors in communication studies have had internships at Time Magazine, the Charlotte Hornets, The Madison Square Garden Company, InfoMag Publishing, CBS and MTV Networks. They have also had internships with such nonprofit organizations as the Smithsonian Institution, the Georgia Family Council, Hanover Regional Medical Center, and the FARM Institute. Their knowledge of the process of communication aided the attainment of these opportunities.

Graduate School

A number of our recent graduates have pursued additional studies. One popular avenue is law school. Others include nursing, sports administration, and communication. Communication studies helps students see the connections among various aspects of their liberal arts education, and the capstone seminar's creation of persuasive campaign proposals for nonprofit organizations enables them to see theory and research in action—valuable preparation for any field of study.