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Kevin Marinelli


Ph.D. University of Georgia
M.A. San José State University
B.A. College of Charleston


I teach courses in rhetorical theory and criticism. I am particularly interested in the rhetoric of protest and social movement. In addition to examining the rhetorical foundations of public culture, students in my classes explore innovative techniques to cultivate meaningful practices of collective action.

As director of the Speaking Center, I strive to find exciting opportunities to cultivate a strong spirit of civic discourse on campus and within the community. One such opportunity is the weekly workshop, Speakeasy, an informal gathering of students and faculty designed to contemplate and discuss a wide range of perplexing topics such as freedom, authenticity, solidarity, or human progress. If these kinds of questions interest you, please feel free to join us.

My research focuses broadly on the area of protest and social movement. In the past, I have written on the rhetoric of ethical consumption movements, the Silent Gesture protest at the 1968 Summer Games and the statue in its honor, and the role of biology in emotional rhetoric. I am currently writing about the Black Lives Matter movement.

A theme underlining much of my teaching and research concerns the possibility of cultivating practices of global compassion in the twenty-first century. If we are to tackle this challenge, I believe we must explore interdisciplinary frameworks including rhetorical, ethical and biological perspectives.

If any of these issues interest you, please feel free to strike up a conversation with me over lunch or coffee.