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Kevin Marinelli


Ph.D. University of Georgia
M.A. San José State University
B.A. College of Charleston


The heart of my scholarly inquiry concerns the possibility of community. How can we facilitate a community that meets the needs of our global society—transgressing the traditional boundaries of place, class, and pigmentation? As a rhetorician, I'm specifically curious how we can facilitate community through discourse in light of the constraints and potentialities of human being—biological, psychological, etc. For example, how might we compel organisms evolved with relatively strong individualistic tendencies to more deeply consider their shared consequences and communal potentials? At the moment, I find the growing research on empathy and the ethics of care particularly useful to this endeavor, along with the writings of Ernesto Laclau of John Dewey.

These aspirations take various forms. In the classroom, I teach courses on oratory, rhetorical theory and social protest. In the speaking center, I facilitate deliberative dialogue on issues of public controversy through our Speakeasy forum. In my scholarship, I write essays investigating the connections between public discourse and, most recently, human emotion. Creatively, I write poetry anchored in these rhetorical themes. Above all, I enjoy engaging these issues through conversation over coffee. I invite you to reach out and make community with me.