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Film and Media Studies Courses

General Course Listings

Sub CRSE Title
ANT 372 Visualizing Anthropology
CHI 207 Engendering Chinese Cinema
CHI 405 Seminar: Modern Chinese Literature and Cinema
COM 315 Media Effects (= SOC 315)
DIG 215 Death in the Digital Age
DIG 240 Art and Electronic Media
ENG 211 Filmmaking
ENG 292 Documentary Film - History, Theory, and Production of Documentary
ENG 293 Film as Narrative Art
ENG 393 Film Theory
FMS 220 Introduction to Film and Media Studies
Prerequisites & Notes

Lerner, McCarthy

An introduction to the history and analysis of screen media, with an emphasis on film (feature films, documentaries, animation, and experimental) together with an examination of ways cinematic techniques of storytelling do and do not find their ways into later media like television and video games. Lectures and discussions supplemented by theoretical readings and weekly screenings.

Satisfies the Visual and Performing Arts requirement.
Required course for fulfilling the Film and Media Studies Interdisciplinary Minor.

FMS 321 Interactive Digital Narratives
Prerequisites & Notes

FMS 220 or ENG 293.


A close study of selected video games using an interdisciplinary blend of methodologies culled from cultural studies, film and media studies theory, literary criticism, and history.

Film and Media Studies Interdisciplinary Minor Credit.
Satisfies the Visual and Performing Arts requirement.

FMS 323 Special Topics in Digital Media and Film
Prerequisites & Notes


An intensive investigation of digital media and film production.  Screenings, discussions, and readings will explore the theory and practice of a selected cinematic tradition.  Significant production component will include videography, non- linear video editing, lighting, and sound recording.

Satisfies Film and Media Studies Interdisciplinary Minor requirement.
Satisfies Visual and Performing Arts requirement.

FMS 385 Video Game Music (= MUS 385)
Prerequisites & Notes

Normally offered in alternate years; not offered in 2016-17.


Historical, stylistic, and analytic study of video game music from its origins in the arcade games of the 1970s to the present. Emphases on close readings of music in relation to gameplay, and vice versa. Includes training in digital audio manipulation to create sound design and musical sequences.

Satisfies the Liberal Studies requirement.

FMS 421 Seminar in Film and Media Studies: After Birth of a Nation
Prerequisites & Notes

FMS 220. (Fall)


This seminar will take the occasion of the 100th anniversary of D. W. Griffith's controversial film The Birth of a Nation (1915) as an invitation to conduct a close investigation of the original film and its impact on film history and U.S. culture along with a study of this film and the history and representation of racial identities in U.S. media. The historical scope of the seminar will reach back to the nineteenth century and up to the present, with attention given to Oscar Micheaux's cinematic response (Within Our Gates) and the entire twentieth century history of what have been called "race movies." Projects will include both scholarly writing along with production exercises involving editing, remixing, and re-composing. Weekly screenings expected outside of class.

NOTE: This seminar will fulfill the 400-level capstone requirement for the FMS minor in 2015-16.

FRE 366 Africa Shoots Back, in transl. (=AFR 266)
GER 241 Special Cultural Topics (in trans.)
GER 242 Hollywood Alternatives, From Germany and Beyond (in trans.)
GER 336 Memory on Film (in trans.)
GER 363 Special Topics in Film
HIS 454 Filming Southern Legal History
HIS 474 Bollywood and the Indian Imagination
MUS 228 Film Music
MUS 383 Herrmann & Hitchcock
MUS 385 Video Game Music (=FMS 385)
POL 283 Classics in the Cinema
SOC 315 Media Effects (= COM 315)
SPA 352 Contemporary Latin American Cinema
SPA 353 Contemporary Spanish Film
SPA 356 Special Topics: Screening Contemporary Spain (=SPA 408, spring 2018)
SPA 408 Screening Contemporary Spain (=SPA 356, spring 2018)