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Jenny Ingraham


B.P.S. The Culinary Institute of America (Hospitality Management)


I am the administrative assistant for biology. I am responsible for coordinating guest speaker details, the department newsletter, maintaining departmental databases, managing the budget and promoting biology using outward-facing social media. I am also a member of the Building Captain Safety Program. My favorite part about being at Davidson, along with interacting with students, is all the interesting things that come through the office from box turtles to baby owls.

Prior to my time at Davidson, I owned a successful personal chef business that served clients with extremely restrictive diets due to allergies. I greatly enjoyed feeding people real, fresh food in ways that relieved their worries about food safety. The skills I learned in the hospitality industry have translated exceptionally well to the Biology Department's lively and creative atmosphere. For example, a good chef experiments with flavors, colors, temperatures, and textures much like a good scientist conducts experiments to understand the natural world. 

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