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German Studies

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Study Aids & Links

The German Studies Department compiled a list of study aids and helpful links for our students.

Adding an Umlaut on a Mac

Use the Option key. Hold down Option and push "s" to get "ß." For the umlauted characters, hold down Option and push "u." Release Option, then type the desired base letter (a, o, u, A, O, or U). The umlaut will appear over the letter you typed. So to type "ü," you should hold down Option, press "u," then release Option and press "u" again.

Adding an Umlaut on a PC (Windows)

In Microsoft Word, go to Insert > Symbols > More Symbols.

If you find yourself using an umlaut often, you may switch your keyboard functions so as to produce, e.g., an "ä" by pressing "quotation mark + a". To set this up do the following:

Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Languages > Details > Add United States - International

We recommend that you make U.S. - International the default input language and also show the language bar on your desktop.

Umlaut in ASCII (higher part of ISO 8859-1)

ä Alt 0228 Option U A
ö Alt 0246 Option U O
ü Alt 0252 Option U U
Ä Alt 0196 Option U Shift A
Ö Alt 0214 Option U Shift A
Ü Alt 0220 Option U Shift U
ß Alt 0223 Option U S


Teaching Resources

  • AATG archive of teaching materials.
  • Goethe Institut Inter Nationes. Wealth of exercises, projects, activities.

Image Repositories





Film and Television

Sports and Games

  • BoardGameGeek, Best site for German board games.
  • Kicker, The ultimate source of information on German soccer.
  • Die Siedler von Catan, Germany's smash hit board game of 1995.
  • Skat, Rules for the German card game Skat, in English.



Post-Graduate Opportunities