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  • Global Understanding

    Courses in the history department span the globe and many are cross-listed with other departments, including courses in Latin American Studies, Chinese Studies and Middle East Studies.

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    Jane Mangan teaches a class
  • Unique Opportunities

    The Kendrick Kelley Honors Program selects the most promising history majors and provides them with financial stipends to conduct independent research towards the completion of a Kelley Honors Thesis. Additionally, the Kelley Lecture Series brings distinguished historians to speak at Davidson.

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    Kelley Scholar presenting her research
  • Outdoor Office Hours

    All professors encourage students to attend office hours, which tend to be scheduled periods or made by appointment, but you'll also find yourself casually meeting with professors around campus.

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    Peter Krentz sits with a student on a bench to discuss work
  • Distinguished Guests

    In addition to attending lectures, history students often have opportunities to spend quality class time with distinguished campus visitors, such as former N.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Henry Frye.

    John Wertheimer


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History Department

The study of history is critically important in our increasingly complex world and plays an indispensable role in a liberal arts education. The study of history not only cultivates an understanding of the past, but also develops your intellectual, analytical, writing, and rhetorical abilities. Consequently, the study of history prepares you for a variety of careers.

The History Department exposes you to the richness, diversity, and complexities of human history during various periods and in different geographic regions. Regular course offerings include American, African American, British, European, Latin American, Middle Eastern, African, South Asian and East Asian history. You also might find yourself in a class on "Magic and Witchcraft," "The Modern Body," "Piracy in the Americas" or "Jihad and Crusade."

History can be a perfect discipline in which to indulge an interest in politics, policy, and issues of contemporary concern. As historians and teachers, professors of history at Davidson pay attention to critical issues such as ethnicity, race, class, gender, equality, power, and justice.

For more information about majoring in history at Davidson, please email Chair of the History Department Prof. Michael Guasco at