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Axel Brandt


Ph.D. University of Colorado at Denver
M.S. Miami University
B.S. Ohio Northern University


I am a graph theorist with research interests in both structural and extremal graph theory.

I teach a variety of courses at different levels in mathematics. I believe that everyone can find beauty in mathematics and am passionate about exposing people to advanced mathematical concepts in ways that are fun and approachable. I welcome student involvement in and collaboration on research, and I often present mathematical lessons for the community and in K-12 classrooms in addition to my work at the college.


My research focuses on identifying various threshold phenomena in complex networks. The underlying theory can be applied both to identify when specific friendship groups are present in large social networks and to ensure computer programs allocate enough memory in order to run.

My peer-reviewed research has been published in the European Journal of Combinatorics and the Australasian Journal of Combinatorics, and will appear in the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics as well as Combinatorics, Probability, and Computing. I have given talks on my research at Iowa State University and University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

I am currently working on wrapping up a project extending my dissertation research, which combines abstract theory with advanced computational tools.