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Doug Locke


Ph.D. Carnegie-Mellon University
B.A. Kalamazoo College


After more than 40 years designing, building, managing, and consulting on a wide variety of systems and software, including the Apollo moon-landing program, the Space Shuttle, a variety of unmanned spacecraft, various military and commercial aircraft, various land vehicles, ships, and even submarines, I now have the pleasure to work with the Davidson Computer Science faculty and students. I think creating computer systems and software is great fun and I'm excited to be able to pass this on to another generation.

My research and technical interests cover real-time and embedded systems and software, programming languages, operating systems, database performance, execution scheduling, and related topics in Computer Science.


I have been involved in real-time systems and software research since 1982 in conjunction with a number of university programs and consortia. I have served as a leader for a number of international research and standards organizations such as the IEEE's Technical Committee on Real-Time Systems, IEEE's Standards organization that created the Unix standard (ISO/IEC 9945), Oracle's Java Community Process, and the Object Management Group's Architecture Board.

Currently I am leading the development of a new standard for developing safety-critical applications using the Java language.