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Thomas Cameron


Ph.D., M.S. Washington State University
B.S. University of Minnesota at Duluth


I am a passionate educator, researcher, and programmer who specializes in linear algebra and the numerical solution of both the linear and nonlinear eigenvalue problems. Additional interests include dynamical systems, matrix polynomials, programming and spectral theory.

My passion for teaching spawned from my relationship with my ninth-grade math teacher, who taught me leadership and a love for mathematics. This love for mathematics and desire to lead a classroom propelled me into graduate school where I began to study numerical analysis, matrix polynomials and spectral theory. Since then my work has been published in the Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra and I have presented it to audiences around the country.

Currently I am interested in generalizing results from matrix theory and complex analysis to matrix polynomials and writing programs for solving the nonlinear eigenvalue problem. I invite students to get involved in my research, where they will gain experience in algorithm design and error analysis as well as conjecture development and testing.