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Mallika Vadlamani


I have had extensive training in South Indian Classical Music (vocal), for more than 20 years. I was trained chiefly under the tutelage of two eminent musicians in India, both of whom hail from distinguished schools of South Indian music. I was coached for 13 years by P. Padmavathy Paramahamsa in my home town in South India, I had a chance to further improve my music skills under the guidance of Leelavathy Gopalakrishnan at the Indian Fine Arts Society in Singapore.

I have performed in concerts in India, Singapore, and the U.S. I started teaching music in Singapore in 1999, and then in New York. Currently, I am actively engaged in training my students in Charlotte and conducting workshops in the theoretical aspects of South Indian music. My main objective is to share my knowledge and to spread awareness of the nuances of South Indian classical music among people from diverse cultures and backgrounds.