Belk Scholars are adventurous, curious, artistic, athletic, creative, collaborative and compassionate.

Their experiences reflect a varied range of interests, talents and achievements. They have a positive influence on their communities while on campus and after graduation. 

Get to Know Some of Our Scholars

Davidson has 32 Belk Scholars, all committed to building strong connections and sense of community with one another. Meet a few of the friendly Belk faces—all of whom are excited to welcome new students to the Belk Scholars family.

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Caroline Djakuduel

Caroline Djakuduel '23

Caroline intends to use one of her Belk Experience stipends to study in a Spanish-speaking country to master the language. She is still dreaming up how she plans to use her second stipend.

  • Black Student Coalition Vice President
  • Apprentice Teacher in the French and Francophone Studies department
  • STRIDE and Strategies to Success mentor
  • Thrower for the Davidson College Track and Field Team
  • Hall Counselor
  • Participating in a Davidson Research Initiative (DRI) project studying the effect of photoperiods in relation to climate change
Dominic Flocco

Dominic Flocco '22

Dominic has used one of his Belk Experience stipends to support living costs while he conducts research in computation economics at an investment firm in Charlotte. He plans to use his second stipend to travel to Egypt to practice his Arabic language skills.

  • Pursuing an honors thesis in applied mathematics
  • Participant in an Arabic language immersion program in Amman, Jordan
  • Campus Tour Guide for Admission & Financial Aid
  • Mathematics & Computer Science Tutor for the Center for Teaching and Learning
Nikhil Basu headshot

Nikhil Basu '24

Nikhil intends to use one of his Belk Experience stipends to support a trip to a French-speaking country in Sub-Saharan Africa. He hopes to use his second stipend to learn mountaineering skills in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Organizing a prison exchange program at Davidson with the Inside-Out Center
  • President of Davidson Nonprofit Consulting (2021-22)
  • Apprentice Teacher in the French and Francophone Studies department
  • Working with Action NC to organize Charlotte's first tenants' union
Hana Kamran '23

Hana Kamran '23

Hana intends to use one of her Belk Experience stipends to subsidize a summer abroad conducting neuroscience research in Japan. She hopes to use her second stipend to conduct humanitarian work/volunteer with nonprofits abroad. 

  • Fostering Inclusivity and Respect in Science Together (FIRST) Student Action Team Member
  • Vice Chair of Common Ground
  • Davidson College Volunteer EMT
  • Conducted research on Alzheimer's Disease at Wake Forest Medical School
  • Researched Prions and Prion Diseases as part of RISE, a Davidson research program
  • Premed Society (MAPS) Vice President
Isabel Padalecki '22

Isabel Padalecki '22

Isabel is using their Belk Experience stipend to support musical exploration over the summer, taking guitar lessons, reconnecting with their love of piano, and learning more about musical equipment, recording and online software. 

  • Student editor and researcher for the inclusive Histories of Davidson College project
  • Member of the Davidson College Chorale
  • Editor for the Davidson History Journal
  • Core organizer with a local grassroots group in the town of Davidson and Charlotte, the Davidson Community Fund
Skylar McVikar

Skylar McVicar '23

Skylar intends to use one of her Belk Experience stipends to subsidize a legal internship in Washington D.C. She plans to use her second stipend to intern in Singapore exploring international business and government affairs.

  • First-year Class President within the Student Government Association
  • Editor at The Davidsonian, the college’s weekly newspaper
  • E-board of the Jewish Student Union
  • Chidsey Leadership Fellow
Brandon Harris

Brandon Reid '22

Brandon has used one of his Belk Experience stipends to travel to Quito, Ecuador on a global health service trip, where he worked in five medical clinics over five days, caring for over 400 patients. He plans to use his other stipend to fund another international program trip.

  • President of the Student Government Association (2020-21 & 2021-2022 academic years)
  • Terry Fellow
  • Founder of Brandon's Coalition of Success, a mentoring program for underprivileged youth in Annapolis, M.D. Brandon is leading an educational trip, bringing ten youth from his mentoring group to Puerto Rico.
  • Conducted an independent study where he researched the life story of a childhood friend, Sura Sohna. Watch his presentation.
  • Research at the University of Sydney on blood flow through coronary collateral vessels in the human heart