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  • Change Agents

    "I don't want the younger generations in Tunisia to go to a class where they feel afraid of teachers or where they go out of fear and not out of love of learning. I want teachers to feel empowered and enjoy their role in society, which would eventually affect students positively."

    ~ Mariem Bchir '20, on her work to develop teacher training programs in her home country.

    Mariem Bchir sits on the steps in the Alvarez College Union
  • Challenge Seekers

    "I have learned the incredible responsibility in speaking of, or for, another's struggle and that any attempt to do so does not come without complications. However, I also recognize the importance in sharing what I have seen and been given to a larger audience."

    ~ Chase Conrad '18, on his experience studying environmental degradation and indigenous marginalization in Indonesia.

    Chase Conrad in the woods
  • Intellectual Explorers

    "The chance to start teaching right now is still unbelievable to me, particularly with a program whose ideals align so closely with mine. I hope to grow in my teaching skills and learn about my strengths and weaknesses in a classroom, as well as to study what other parts of the education field would be worthwhile for me to consider."

    ~ Bethany Kirkpatrick '19, on her teaching fellowship with Breakthrough Collaborative.

    Bethany Kirkpatrick works on a project
  • Servant Leaders

    "For my grandparents, who immigrated to the United States from Iran in the 1960s, their foreign culture wasn't fully accepted in American society at first. At Davidson, I am humbled by the fact that I can express myself unconditionally and I want to ensure that all students on this campus feel empowered to express their identities however they choose."

    ~Alex Soltany '18, on his decision to run for student body president.

    Alex Soltany does work in a lab

Belk Scholars and Alumni

Belk Scholars are adventurous, studious, artistic, athletic, creative, collaborative and compassionate. Their experiences reflect a varied and sometimes surprising range of interests, talents and achievements. They have a positive influence on their communities while on campus and after graduation.

Hear more about the diverse experiences of some of our scholars.

Arielle Korman '17
Major: Languages and Cultures of the Middle East
Doing now: Research Fulbright to study literature and writing in Israel

Matthew Schlerf '16
Doing Now:
MFA candidate at Rose Bruford College in London

Nate Harding '17
Major: Education and Community Studies
Doing now: Pursuing work in nonprofit sector

Whitney White '08
Doing now:
Strategy & Operations at Afara Global

Mariem Bchir '20
Major: Computer Science (Education Studies minor)
Doing now: Student

Mac Skelton '07
Major: Religion
Doing now: Ph.D. Candidate at Johns Hopkins researching medical anthropology

Brody McCurdy

Brody McCurdy '20
Major: Not yet declared
Doing now: Student

Kayla Edwards

Kayla Edwards '20
Major: Not yet declared
Doing now: Student

Alex Soltany

Alex Soltany '18
Major: Middle Eastern Studies
Doing now: Student

Sarah Gustafson 

Sarah Gustafson '14
Major: History (French minor)
Doing Now: Ph.D. candidate at Harvard University

Anna Van Hollen

Anna Van Hollen '12
Doing Now:
Member of the Facebook Global Policy team in Washington D.C.