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Hunter-Hamilton Love of Teaching Award

The Hunter-Hamilton Love of Teaching Award (PDF) honors our faculty members whose way of life uniquely inspires the full potential of each student.

The award consists of a $15,000 prize, half of which is awarded directly to the recipient and half to an academic department or program of the recipient's choosing.


We invite your letters of nomination, recommendation, and support of faculty members who have conveyed a love of teaching. Your sentiments provide compelling testimony for selecting whom to honor within our excellent faculty.

Full-time faculty who have taught at Davidson for at least five years, including any sabbatical leave, are eligible for the award.

Nominees should have an established record of contagious enthusiasm for teaching, including stimulating extraordinary student accomplishments. They are able to clarify complex matters and treat students with dignity and respect while making efforts to know them as individuals. Additionally, nominees should demonstrate dedication and patience, building the self-esteem of students while instilling in them a desire to learn.

Carefully detailed letters of recommendation should address the above criteria. The selection committee keeps all nominations and recommendations on file for reference for 10 years. Please address your recommendations to the Hunter-Hamilton Selection Committee and send them to Traci Russ-Wilson, President's Office, Box 7145, Davidson, N.C. 28035.

For more information, please email the President's Office at

Past Recipients

Verna Case and Joe Gardner, 2018
Barbara Lom and Cort Savage, 2017
Shelley Rigger and Fred Smith, 2016
Larry Cain and  Mark Foley, 2015
Trent Foley and Samuel Sanchez y Sanchez, 2014
Peter Ahrensdorf and Vivien Dietz, 2013
Julio Ramirez and Brian Shaw, 2012
Keyne Cheshire and Nancy Fairley, 2011
Elizabeth Mills and Durwin Striplin, 2010 
Ann Marie Costa and Karl Plank, 2009
Malcolm Campbell and John Wertheimer, 2008
Randy Ingram and Kristi Multhaup, 2007
Ralph Levering and Magdalena Maiz-Peña, 2006
Bill Lawing and Jeanne Neumann, 2005
Zoran Kuzmanovich and Ben Klein, 2004
Herb Jackson and Michael Toumazou, 2003
Scott Denham and Randy Nelson, 2002
Peter Hess and Richie King, 2001
Gail Gibson and Sally McMillen, 2000
Cole Barton and Lou Ortmayer, 1999
Cynthia Lewis and Bill Mahony, 1998
Tony Abbott and Don Kimmel, 1997
Tom Kazee and Felix Carroll, 1996
Gill Holland and Malcolm Partin, 1995
Alberto Hernandez-Chiroldes, 1994
Jeremiah Putnam, 1993
Charles Ratliff, 1992