Summer 2020 Career Challenge for Employment & Experiential Learning

COVID-19 has forced many employers to pause or cancel recruiting, hiring, volunteer programs, undergraduate research programs, and more. We anticipate this having long-term effects on all class years—seniors immediately entering the workforce, sophomores and juniors who rely on critical summer opportunities to gain skills and experiences needed to make future career decisions, and first years who need to explore their options.

With that in mind, we are launching the Summer 2020 Career Challenge. 

How You Can Help

CJ Moeling and Jay Stilwell at Clorox2 Job Shadowing


Find full-time jobs, remote internships or short-term projects.
Is your organization hiring for existing entry-level, full-time roles? Do they offer virtual roles or project work for current college students? Professional development funding is available, and can be applied to paid and unpaid experiences.

Emily Sirota wood-working


Form a remote experience.
Can you create a virtual internship or research project, host a job shadow, submit a 5-40 hour project, or mentor a student? See below to read more about the types of experiences we’re looking for.

Emily Lord Internship


Fund an experience.
Can you fund an experience, in whole or in part, for students this summer? Your support can make a difference as students manage their cost of living expenses while pursuing professional experiences. Make a gift by choosing “internships and fellowships” or “research initiatives.”

Noah Satterfield '20 teaching a student


Forge a partnership.
Do you support a nonprofit organization that doesn’t have the means to continue their program this summer? You could support a Davidson student and your favorite nonprofit by creating and funding a virtual internship designed to benefit both.

Seeking These Types of Experiences

This is an idea list, not meant to be restrictive. Please reach out with any options you are interested in exploring!

Full-Time Jobs

Typically, 70-75% of a Davidson graduating class goes directly into employment. Support the Class of 2020 by sharing organizations that you learn are still hiring. Take it a step further and be an advocate for Davidson at those organizations by connecting directly with interested students and guiding them through the process.

Summer Experiences: Paid & Unpaid

While paid is preferred, through our generous supporters, funds are available for students to pursue unpaid experiences.

Remote Internships

Internships can range from 1-2 weeks up to the full summer (approx. 10 weeks). Internships are designed to be similar to an educational experience in any field, in that students work alongside experts to learn more about that field. Projects may be given to reinforce key concepts.  A successful remote internship includes regular check-ins between supervisor and intern, clearly defined expectations for the role and tasks, and a project that may be completed from start to finish for the intern to add to their portfolio of work.

Remote Research & Creative Work

Like internships, research and creative experiences can vary in length and specificity. Our students are seeking experiences across disciplines such as the humanities, arts, social sciences, and natural sciences. Collaborative research, literary reviews, independent projects, analysis of existing data sets, computational studies, etc. are examples.

Remote Community Engagement

The Center for Civic Engagement works in partnership with community and nonprofit leaders to connect students, faculty and staff with opportunities to build community capacity. If you have a project, internship, or service opportunity available now or in the future, share it with us. Because we partner with faculty who incorporate community-based projects into their courses or research, feel free to share community-based research and course project ideas as well. 

Gig Hub Projects

Gig-Hub, coordinated by The Hurt Hub@Davidson, is an exchange where Davidson students and startups/companies can connect on short-term, real-world projects for pay: you know, a gig! Projects are needed in 8 skill categories: Startup Generalist, General Research, Data Analytics, Web Development, Art/Photography/Videography, Translation Services, Design/Social Media/Marketing, and Copywriting/Editing/Web Content. Projects can be done remotely and typically range from 5 to 40 hours. Gig-Hub projects are paid. More details can be found on The Hurt Hub@Davidson website.

(In)Formal Mentoring

If you are willing to take on a long-term relationship with a student with shared interests, we welcome offers to do so. While this is not yet a formal program, advisors across campus have the ability to make professional recommendations to make matches, and we have a long-term platform ready to launch in just a few weeks.