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Alumni Families

We are proud of the many generations of alumni who make a Davidson education part of their family tradition. The Alumni Families program recognizes those families, welcoming both new students and their alumni parents back home.

What is an Alumni Family?

A student is considered part of an alumni family if one or both of their parents or grandparents attended Davidson.

Signature Alumni Families Events

The Office of Alumni and Family Engagement hosts multiple events to celebrate our alumni families, during Orientation, Family Weekend, and Graduation Weekend.

Orientation Luncheon

We invite incoming first-year students and their family members to join us for a luncheon during which we recognize them and celebrate their choice to continue the Davidson educational tradition. The event typically takes place at the start of Orientation and includes a welcome from the president as well as advice from a sophomore student from an alumni family.

Family Weekend Open House

We invite all current students and their family members to an open house at the Nancy O. Blackwell Alumni House (420 N. Main Street) to explore Davidson memorabilia and reconnect with other alumni families.

Graduation Luncheon

We invite graduating seniors and their family members to celebrate their four years at Davidson before Commencement. The event includes remarks from the president and a senior student from an alumni family.