May 13-26, 2019

Hosted by: Classics Professor Jeanne Neumann

About this trip: Unearth the grandeur of the ancient world on this singular journey combining premier archaeological sites with the beauty and lore of the Aegean and her isles. As the ancient world comes alive in Athens and the Peloponnese, Crete and Santorini, we celebrate the glory that was Greece - and still is today.

Davidson travelers will enjoy many exclusive arrangements, including two nights in Kandia's Castle all of which are outlined in the brochure. (PDF).

About your host: Jeanne Neumann is a classical philologist who has taught Latin and Greek language, literature and the classical tradition at Davidson since 1994. A recognized expert on Latin pedagogy, Jeanne has authored two widely-used Latin textbooks (Lingua Latina: A Companion to Familia Romana and Lingua Latina: A Companion to Roma Aeterna). Jeanne has studied and traveled extensively in the Mediterranean and Near Eastern lands important to classical antiquity. She has led students on two Classics Semesters Abroad, in which students studied Greco-Roman art, architecture, archaeology, history, and literature while traveling through Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Great Britain, and Germany. Jeanne has led two previous alumni trips to Italy and loves to share her knowledge of and enthusiasm for Greece and Rome with others. She is especially excited about traveling in Greece with Davidson alumni and friends.

With room for only 24 guests, space will fill quickly. Call today to reserve your place!

Questions? Contact Yolanda Gilliam at or 704-894-2559.