Throughout the Davidson College website, you will find FAQs related to a variety of topics such as financial aid and New Student Orientation. We have also gathered information regarding campus operations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions specifically designed to support parents and families as they help their students navigate the college experience.

My student reports feeling depressed. What should I do?

Advise your student to immediately make a counseling services appointment with someone in the Center for Student Health and Well-Being. Please note that the appointment must be made by the student. If your student is experiencing a psychological crisis after 5 p.m. on a weekday or over the weekend, a counselor on-call will be available for consultation over the phone or face-to-face. If you continue to be concerned about the well-being of your student, contact the Dean of Students Office with a referral form.

I am worried that my student is feeling lonely. What should I do to help?

College is a time for making friends, but it is also a time of great change for students. Friend groups often evolve and, as this happens, your student may feel lonely, isolated or out of place. Please assure your student that this is a normal process and help brainstorm ways to reach out to more people in classes, residence halls or student organizations. Hall Counselors are also a great resource for students, so encourage yours to reach out to his/her own.

What should I do if my student experiences academic difficulty?

Advise your student to go to professors’ office hours, talk with an academic adviser and take advantage of the Center for Teaching and Learning. If your student has stopped attending classes, seems indifferent to his/her grades or has failing grades, you can contact the Dean of Students Office with a referral form.

Can I get a copy of my student's grades?

Federal Law (the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act, or FERPA) prohibits Davidson from disclosing student information about grades, courses, disciplinary actions, or other matters about which families will naturally be concerned. The intent of FERPA is to make these issues become family decisions and not institutional ones. The best way to find out about your student is to speak with your student.

What are the Honor Code and the Code of Responsibility?

Davidson's Honor Code, signed by every incoming student, is a declaration by the entire college community that the honorable course is the most just, and therefore the best. Each Davidson student is honor bound to refrain from stealing, lying about college business, and cheating on academic work. Davidson College recognizes that the education process encompasses far more than academic activities. The aim of the Code of Responsibility is to encourage individuals to develop responsible judgment capable of directing their conduct with a minimum of specific prohibitions.

The Honor Code and Code of Responsibility deepen bonds between students and encourage a sense of personal responsibility that extends beyond the classroom and into the lives of leadership and learning that students will pursue after graduation.

Additional information, the full Honor Code and Code of Responsibility and details of disciplinary procedures can be found in the Student Handbook.

What is Patterson Court Council?

Patterson Court Council (PCC) is a community of support that recognizes the value of unique individuals and organizations and promotes their engagement in the larger community through relationship building, collaborative learning, and the process of self-discovery. It is comprised of 14 different organizations: six Interfraternity Council fraternities, two National Pan-Hellenic Council fraternities, two National Pan-Hellenic Council sororities, and four eating houses, which are unique to Davidson.

Additional information about recruitment, the organizations, the hazing policy, Eating House Member Movement and more can be found on the Patterson Court Council website.

What should I do if my student is having trouble with a roommate?

If your student is experiencing any type of problems with a roommate, room or the floor/residence hall, the student should contact a hall counselor (first-year residence halls) or resident advisor (upper-class residence halls) first. Hall counselors and resident advisors serve as resources for the student residents on their halls, offering leadership, guidance and help in times of crisis. If their student leader is not able to remedy the situation, the Area Coordinator for the building can be contacted. If these two people are unable to mediate the problem to a satisfactory result for all involved, then students should contact the Residence Life Office at

Can Davidson accommodate food allergies?

Yes. Davidson’s food allergy policy seeks to accommodate students with allergies by providing healthy, safe alternatives. You can explore the policy on the Dining Services website, or have your student contact the Director of Dining Services, Pinky Varghese, at

Can students store their belongings at Davidson over the breaks?

No. Davidson does not offer any on-campus storage. If your student plans to study abroad or leave campus for the summer and would like to store furniture or other items locally, there are several nearby storage facilities.

How do I see my student's tuition bill?

In order to make a payment and view student financial accounts, bill payers must be granted account access by their student. Students may access their account information and grant parent and other bill payer (proxy) access at Banner Self Service. First-year students will receive instructions from Business Services for setting up access to their financial account and granting proxy access to parents or other bill payers. Once a student has granted a parent or other bill payer access, the proxy can obtain account information on the Parent Portal. Payments can be made with an electronic check, credit card, check by mail or wire transfer.

Can my student have a car on campus?

Yes. Students are permitted to have a car onsite all four years at Davidson. Students must register their vehicles with the Davidson College Police Department within 48 hours of arriving on campus each year.

Can I get a copy of my student's health records?

Student medical records are housed in the Center for Student Health and Well-Being and are strictly confidential. Student medical information is not released to parents, college officials or others without written authorization from the student. Student must complete and sign a Release of Health Information Form in order to authorize a release of their medical records to others.

My student is not a member of the Presbyterian Church. Will Davidson's affiliation with the Presbyterian Church make it difficult for my student to fit in?

Many students make religious practice a part of college life. Many do not. Every week, for those who are interested, our campus hosts a Presbyterian worship service, a Catholic mass, a Muslim prayer meeting, an Episcopal Eucharist and a Quaker meeting. Shabbat services and Hillel Fellowship programming are also staples of our on-campus religious life.

How do I send my student a birthday cake or care package?

There are several on- and off-campus resources we recommend! For security reasons, delivery service to student residence halls is not available. Students are notified by the campus post office via email when their packages have arrived on campus.

Much Ado Davidson Catering Group - Please call 704-894-2605 or email your order to

College Mailing Address

The address used for students to receive mail is dictated by courier.

For any letters, large envelopes, flat mail, media mail, packages or anything else shipped via United States Postal Service (USPS), please use:
Student Name
Davidson, NC 28035

(This is a student's primary address)

For any large envelopes, packages or anything else shipped via Fedex, UPS, DHL or any courier other than USPS, please use:
Student Name (Box XXXX)
209 Ridge Rd
Davidson, NC 28035

(This is a student's alternate address.)

*If you are not sure what courier is being used, always default to the primary address.*

**When buying from Amazon, most orders are eligible to be shipped to the Amazon locker in the College Union. If the locker is a delivery option for your order, Amazon will offer it as a different address choice during checkout. We strongly encourage using the Amazon lockers whenever possible as they are available to students well beyond our standard mail counter hours and will optimize your delivery speed. If the Amazon locker is not an option, please use your primary address as there is no way to determine which courier they will use.**