BSC 50+ Years Anniversary: February 10-12, 2023

Join the Black Student Coalition in celebrating 50+ years at Davidson this February 2023.

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Current Students should email Sarah Taylor at sataylor@davidson.edu to register. 

Tickets for the Davidson vs. Fordham Basketball game on February 11 at 2:30 p.m. must be purchased separately.

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Show your support to enhance the Black student experience in various ways that move the college toward realizing its aspirations.

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Unity. Dedication. Love.

Celebrating 50+ years of the Black Student Coalition at Davidson College.

The Black Student Coalition (BSC) was initiated on the Davidson campus in the late '60s and early '70s. The BSC was autonomously founded by students in 1967 and officially chartered in 1971. One of the founders, Lester Strong '72, recalls the group “initially involved having gatherings among ourselves at our designation house as well as road trips to Johnson C. Smith University.” Fifty years later, this organization remains a source of community for many students on the Davidson campus. Anniversary events celebrate the many contributions and achievements of this organization over the years and to look at the future of BSC. The celebration kicked off with this published article, and the in-person gathering was delayed due to the pandemic. 

About the Black Student Coalition

The Black Student Coalition (BSC) was established to maintain a spirit of solidarity and support among the Black students of Davidson College; to recognize the contributions of Black persons to the college; and to embrace the diverse origins of the Davidson community. The organization is still a visible presence on campus.

Honoring Loved Ones No Longer With Us

Complete this brief form to share names of alums, faculty, staff, community members and any others no longer with us that have impacted the black experience at Davidson College over the past 50 years. These individuals will be honored during the Saturday evening dinner and memorial.

Davidson Connect Black Student Coalition 50th Anniversary Group

Alums, students, faculty and staff are encouraged to join the BSC 50th Anniversary group in Davidson Connect as a way to dialogue and share thoughts about the celebration.

Davidson Connect BSC 50th Anniversary Group

Planning Committee

  • Alexia Baker ’23 - Current BSC President
  • Vincent Benjamin '04
  • Amoura Carter ‘07
  • D’Mycal Foreman ‘25
  • Sterling Freeman ‘92
  • Leslie Grinage ‘03
  • Aaron Goodson ‘11
  • Derry Harper ‘76
  • Pat Hudson ‘77
  • Matrika Johnson ‘02
  • Andre’ Kennebrew ‘82
  • Jared Lindo ‘21
  • Maurice Norman ‘20
  • Lenny McAllister ’02 and ‘93
  • Joann Mitchell ‘78
  • Kennedy Petties ‘23
  • Michelle Serrano ‘90
  • Mikayla Smalls ‘20
  • Janet Stovall ‘85
  • Machelle Sweeting ‘93
  • Eboni Thomas ‘23
  • Paul Wyatt ‘05

This celebration is a collaborative effort of the Black Student Coalition (BSC), the Davidson Black Alumni Network (DBAN), AC Creative Collective and the Office of Alumni & Family Engagement.