Reunion 2020 Classes Celebrate Fundraising Success

Reunion Weekend 2020 did not look the way anyone expected—no big tents on campus, no gatherings in the Alvarez College Union, no friends meeting up to reminisce about the Davidson days. But what lacked in physical connection came through strong in support of alma mater. Every class aimed to meet and exceed reunion class gift and donor participation goals as they remained focused on making a difference for current and future Wildcats. At a time when students’ lives are ever-changing, and philanthropy is even more critical, alumni showed up to give back to the place that gives them so much.

“The Great Class of 1970 continues to live up to its name in its support of Davidson College,” said Tom Bersuder ’70 and George Penick ’70. “Our class led the way with 83 percent contributing, the highest percentage of Ne Ultra donors with more than 40 giving at the Ne Ultra level and our 50th Reunion Class Gift totaling more than $2.8 million. This has been a very ‘different’ year for the Davidson family – and our class looks forward to the time when we can safely gather on campus to celebrate the special bond we have with Davidson and each other.”   

Classes made sure that celebrations were not altogether canceled. Some groups held virtual class gatherings via Zoom, and some contributed to online back-to-school classes available to all alumni, families and friends. Classes also selected service and career-related award winners, who will be recognized on social media and in future issues of the College Enews, beginning in January. The strength of the Davidson community was alive and well as classes reshaped their ideas of what this celebration could be.

Class Participation and Fundraising Totals

  • Class of 1960: 59 percent participation; $1,150,000 raised
  • Class of 1965: 74 percent participation; $1,633,548 raised
  • Class of 1970: 83 percent participation; $2,819,513 raised
  • Class of 1975: 40 percent participation; $913,096 raised
  • Class of 1980: 53 percent participation; $1,157,757 raised
  • Class of 1985: 54 percent participation; $7,416,889 raised
  • Class of 1990: 59 percent participation; $302,026 raised
  • Class of 1995: 43 percent participation; $414,689 raised
  • Class of 2000: 42 percent participation; $124,533 raised
  • Class of 2005: 47 percent participation; $177,561 raised
  • Class of 2010: 39 percent participation; $48,616 raised
  • Class of 2015: 32 percent participation; $22,299 raised

“We are excited about the fundraising and participation results from Reunion 2020 classes, especially given the unexpected circumstances of 2020,” said Caitlin James ’14, director of annual giving. “Every gift to Davidson makes a difference for scholarships, athletics, the arts, internships, diversity and inclusion, health and well-being and more. No matter the size of the gift and what area of campus a person chooses to support, alumni support is critical to all students as they prepare for lives of leadership, service and impact in their communities around the world. We are appreciative of these devoted groups of alumni and all they have given to alma mater, and we truly missed having the opportunity to welcome them all back to campus in June.”