Reunion Weekend 2023 Event Prices

Events Early Bird Regular
Kids 5–9 Kids 10–14

55th and 60th Reunion Class Dinner



n/a n/a
5th-50th Reunion Class Receptions
and Dinners



n/a n/a
50th Reunion Friday Lunch and Afternoon Reception $45 $50 n/a n/a
5th-50th Reunion Welcome Back Party $45 $50 $10 $15
10th-50th Reunion Picnic and Lawn Party $25 $30 $10 $15
Avant Garde Lunch and Induction Ceremony n/a $35 n/a n/a
Farewell Brunch n/a $13 $6 $13


Should your financial situation prevent you from attending, please contact Lauren Lausier at in the Office of Alumni and Family Engagement to discuss your options confidentially.

Refund Policy

No refund requests will be accepted after May 29. Refunds requested prior to the deadline will be processed within 30 days. Please contact the office of Alumni and Family Engagement at 704-894-2040 or with questions.