Help shape the decisions that affect the life of the college and the experiences of both current students and fellow alumni.

Cast Your Vote

Please vote for one of the candidates. The candidate with the highest number of votes will serve as an Alumni Trustee. 

Voting Deadline: June 30, 2022

In casting your vote, you will help to elect fellow alumni to serve as representatives on the Davidson College Board of Trustees.

Alumni Trustees are elected by the Alumni Association (all alumni) to serve initial terms of four years. Once elected, alumni trustees are eligible for nomination by the Association Board of Directors to serve a second consecutive term. 

All Trustees are limited to two consecutive terms of four years each. Serving for two terms allows Alumni Trustees to serve in leadership positions on the Board. The Association Board may elect to run an incumbent Alumni Trustee unopposed on a ballot to serve a second consecutive term of four years.


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