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'Cat Impact Profile: Vincent Benjamin '04

Vincent and Heather on boat
Benjamin with wife, Heather

He doesn't work for Davidson, but he's one of the college's biggest cheerleaders.

Vincent Benjamin '04 is a member of the Board of Visitors and the Alumni Association Board and has served on the Annual Fund Leadership Council. He credits his interactions with alumni during his years as a student for his decision to remain involved after graduation.

"I do not have one memory of an alumnus who was unwilling to help me-meet for coffee, give advice, whatever," he said. "I feel a welcomed responsibility to continue that tradition. And let's be honest; I'm an English major who was able to land a job in investment banking without taking one class in finance. That was because of my education and because of guidance from Davidson alumni. Davidson was a good place that impacted me in a positive way as a student, and it allows me to do good as an alumnus."

The areas where Davidson can still improve provide the greatest motivation for Vincent. He notes that even calls or complaints can be helpful to the future of the college, because you never know what feedback could result in positive change.

"I've been most active in places where I saw a strategic gap," he said. "If I think the institution is lacking in any way, I share my ideas, and it's been great to watch the development of some of those ideas. Alumni are really encouraged to get involved, and we should all do what we can to make sure the college continues to improve for those who come after us. One misconception is that you have to do a lot to make a difference."

Vincent says volunteering and staying engaged keeps alumni young and full of energy. He also knows that his time is well spent if it strengthens the Davidson image as a whole.

"I think it's really important that we make sure Davidson's positioned appropriately so it continues to be competitive," said Vincent. "For better or worse, we are attached to our educational institutions, and their success or failure is a reflection upon us. So, quite frankly, we benefit individually from ensuring that our college evolves in a thoughtful manner."

Vincent is married to Heather, and the couple lives in Jersey City, N.J.