The Calendar

  • We will reconvene as a residential campus in August with the first day of classes on August 20.  
  • First year students and transfer students will arrive by August 15 and start orientation the following day.
  • Upperclass students will follow a phased move-in and will be notified of their move-in date.  
  • As previously shared, all in-person class instruction will end by Thanksgiving, and students who go home for the holiday will not return to campus afterward. Those who stay on campus through Thanksgiving may stay until the end of the semester. Exams will be held remotely after Thanksgiving. 
  • There will be no announced fall break. 

The revised, detailed 2020-2021 Academic Calendar will be released in the upcoming days.

Calendar Structure

The calendar structure is one piece of planning for the fall. It’s a key starting point that grounds decision-making going forward.

On May 27, 2020, the Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) recommended the “13 Week Plus” structure for the fall, during which students will take four courses (as they normally do). This recommendation was based on work by one of our seven design teams – made up of students, faculty and staff – and feedback solicited from across the community. 

This structure includes:

  • No on-campus classes after Thanksgiving.
  • A floating start date (so the start date can be finalized later, depending on external circumstances).
  • Conducting exams remotely (most students will be off campus by this time) and possibly holding some classes remotely, depending on the start date.
  • An expectation that courses could be delivered either in person or remotely.
  • An understanding that faculty members will redesign courses for a 13 week class schedule.  

The analysis by the design teams and faculty and the feedback from across the community emphasized that this structure: accommodates our existing course schedule (4 courses per semester), provides flexibility for different start dates, is preferred by students, and mitigates risk of an outbreak (students would not leave for Thanksgiving and then return to campus). 

An important element of this structure is that faculty have heard students’ concern about the workload of four courses in a shorter timeframe. Faculty members understand the need to redesign syllabi and adjust workload.