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Fall 2020

Davidson College announced plans for a “13-Week Plus” calendar for the fall. The following Q&A will help explain what that means and how that decision was reached.

What does “13-Week Plus” mean?

  • No on-campus classes after Thanksgiving.
  • A floating start date (so the start date can be determined later, depending on external circumstances).
  • Conducting exams remotely (students will be off campus) and possibly holding some classes remotely, depending on the start date.
  • An expectation that courses could be delivered either in person or remotely.
  • An understanding that faculty members will redesign courses for a 13 week class schedule.  

What is the advantage of this schedule?

  • It provides a starting point to ground other decisions for the fall.
  • It accommodates Davidson’s existing course schedule, provides flexibility for different start dates, is preferred by students, and mitigates the risk of an outbreak (students would not leave for Thanksgiving and then return). This recommendation is based on the analysis by the Academic Calendar Design Team, made up of faculty, staff and students, and on feedback received from across the campus community.

 How did you reach this decision?

  • After students returned home in mid-March, President Quillen authorized the creation of seven design teams to analyze scenarios for how the college will operate in the fall. Students, faculty and staff volunteered for the teams.
  • The Academic Calendar Design Team narrowed the calendar to two options, “13 Weeks Plus” and a “2 x 2” block schedule, and sought feedback from across the community. 
  • The “13 Weeks Plus” plan emerged as the clear preference and was presented to the Faculty Executive Committee. The committee recommended that schedule to President Quillen, who is sharing it with senior leadership and the trustees. It is likely to be enacted within a few days. 

Will students be given the workload of a 15-week course in one that is shorter?

  • Faculty will redesign courses for the 13-week-plus semester.

When will classes start?

  • That has not been determined, but we are looking closely at an August 20, the originally planned first day of classes.

 What other questions does this decision answer and what is still to be decided?

  • The calendar structure decision moves us a big step forward. It does not address additional important questions that you undoubtedly have, for example:
    • Whether students will be on campus.
    • What date classes will start – but we are looking closely at August 15.
    • When orientation will occur.
    • Whether we will have a fall break.
    • How students with underlying health conditions will take classes.
    • How housing will be handled for students whose study abroad was canceled.

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Admission & Financial Aid

Will information sessions and tours continue?
The Office of Admission and Financial Aid will host all admitted student programming for the Class of 2024 in a virtual format. Tours and information sessions are suspended through May 15.

Will acceptance letters still be sent on time?

Will accepted students day still be on? If not, what’s the plan?
All admitted student programs hosted on campus have been cancelled and admission and financial aid officers, with the assistance of faculty, staff and current students, will be working with our accepted students to offer them the greatest understanding of the college.

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Health & COVID-19

If there are cases of COVID-19 on campus, are we sending students out to possibly infect others? Shouldn’t the students be quarantined?
We are following the guidance of public health officials who advise all of us to monitor our health and follow preventive practices. 

Can information about suspected cases of COVID-19 be shared to help eliminate concerns about possible risks to others?
We are committed to protecting the privacy of individuals tested for COVID-19. In the event of positive test results, the health department will follow up with those who have been identified as having close contact with the infected individual. The college will share news of test results as it becomes available.

If other members of the Davidson community test positive for COVID-19 after departure, will students, faculty and staff be notified?
In the event of a positive test, the health department will follow up with anyone identified as a close contact of the infected individual.

Will the health center offer online counseling? 
Please talk to your counselor and refer to the Counseling and Health Services Related to COVID-19 page for updates on the operations of the Center for Student Health and Well-Being.

What if I want to take a personal leave?
Should a student decide they would like to take a personal leave, please contact Assistant Dean, Angela Harris, at anharris@davidson.edu. Please make your request for a personal leave known and she will contact you. A student can take up to two consecutive semesters of personal leave. Read more about the personal leave process.

I was in the middle of requesting accommodations through Title IX. Now what?
Contact our Title IX Coordinator, Carley Dix, for information and services.

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Is Davidson switching to online learning for the whole semester, or reevaluating after a few weeks?
Courses will be via remote instruction for the remainder of the semester.

Can the start date of online classes be pushed later? It’s not enough time to get home and set up to resume classes online. 
We will help you arrange transportation home if that is a problem. Please contact the Dean of Students office. Faculty will work with students who are still returning home during the first week of online classes and will record classes for later viewing. Students should work with their professors and let them know if they will miss class.

Are class times going to be the same?
Yes, most classes will continue to meet virtually during the same class times. Some faculty may set up their class to work so that students won’t need to all be virtually present at the same time; each professor will have clear instructions as to how their remote classes will work.

How about international students who are going home and have to complete classes in a different time zone?
International students will be able to remain on campus if necessary.  Professors will be recording classes and allowing students in other time zones to watch the lecture before the next class. Remote office hours and email will continue to be used to address questions after viewing classes, and many faculty will have discussion forums set up. Please contact your professor for exact procedures, since each class will be different. International students should work with their professors for any necessary arrangements.

Why not suspend classes for multiple weeks like most schools are doing?
Faculty members are working hard to deliver instruction remotely—many of them are changing their plans so that remote instruction can work effectively. Some are reworking their syllabi. By switching to remote instruction for the entire semester, we enable them to rethink their courses, if appropriate, and better support student learning.

Will lab credit be awarded?
If the course was originally designated as a lab course, it will continue to be a lab course even with remote teaching.

Will Webtree continue remotely?

How are students expected to continue to work at the high quality they usually do during times like this? What support will be given?
The Crosland Center for Teaching and Learning; Writing Center; Math, Science, and Economics Center; and Digital Media and Speaking Center will continue to provide tutoring online, and will re-open virtually Wednesday, March 18 in the evening. We will change from a drop-in model completely to a “by appointment” one. Embedded tutors will continue to provide support online. Please see the instructions from your faculty member.

Will students get credit for PE classes?
All graduating seniors enrolled in a PE class this semester will be granted a credit. The Physical Education office will work with first-years, sophomores and juniors on a case-by-case basis. For those who had not started their class yet, they will be given priority registration next year when registering for PE classes. For those whose PE class had started and had attended, they will be given a wide range of options that will allow them to finish out the semester and earn credit.  

Can we please do pass/fail?

The Faculty Executive Committee has approved a major change in the pass/fail policy for this semester only. Students enrolled at the College this semester have the option of designating as many of their spring 2020 semester courses as pass/fail as they choose. Students will have until the ninth week of their senior year to designate some or all of these courses as pass/fail. Students graduating May 2020 will have until 5 p.m. on Thursday, May 14, 2020 to designate any or all of this semester's courses as pass/fail. Students should continue to seek guidance from their advisers in making decisions regarding grading options in ways that best support their individual circumstances and goals. Also note:

  • The Spring semester 2020 pass/fail courses will not count toward the maximum of three pass/fail courses allowed to students.
  • Courses counting toward major or minor credit in spring semester 2020 may be taken pass/fail.
  • This special provision applies only to coursework in spring semester 2020. 

How can low-income students do their class readings if they rely on Lula Bells for textbook access?
Students requiring textbooks for the current semester can still go to Lula Bell’s to request one. Students will be loaned the book for the remainder of the semester. Lula Bell’s will be open 12-5 p.m. weekdays (through Wednesday) and by appointment the weekend of March 21-22. Please email lulabells@davidson.edu with information about the book(s) requested.

If you have already left campus, the library can provide digital options of a chapter or chapters of a textbook. Students should email ILL@davidson.edu to make the request.

Will students still have an Easter break this semester?
Yes, they will. Remote teaching classes will not meet during Easter Break

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What is the college doing to assist students who do not have WiFi and a computer at home? 

T&I has a limited supply of loaner computers (mostly desktops) and wireless hotspots to support students without a computer and/or internet at home. In either case, please start by submitting the Hardware Request Form. This is critical in order for us to understand equipment demand.

  • For internet, we are working to acquire a limited number of cellular hotspots (these are available only for students and staff with no home internet). Alternatively, some providers are offering free or discounted internet service; you can find more information on T&I’s COVID-19 resources page.
  • For computers, we have iMacs and a small number of laptops available. Priority for laptops will be given to students traveling home via plane, given the small number we have available.

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Education Abroad

If I have to return from abroad without finishing courses, do I have to re-do an entire semester?
Students who are abroad this semester are working through a partner institution, and they will help you find a solution to completing your semester.

How should students who plan to study abroad in the fall proceed regarding fall registration? Many students are uncertain about what to do.
We do not know what the COVID-19 situation will be in the fall. No changes have been made yet, and we will reassess as that time gets closer and adjust accordingly. The Registrar’s Office recommends completing WebTree so that students will have classes in the event fall abroad programs are cancelled.

What should students do about housing if study abroad gets canceled?
If the situation arises, contact RLO.

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Housing, Moving & Travel

Will campus be closed for the rest of the semester?
No. Campus remains open.

Do students have to remove everything from their rooms? What do they do if they cannot by Wednesday?
Please take everything you need for the remainder of the semester with you. We know you may not be able to take everything. We will be in touch later about how to retrieve personal belongings that are left here. Pack what you can.

How will international students from Europe find flights home since travel is suspended to Europe? What about international students who have nowhere to go?
Travel to Europe isn’t suspended, only travel from Europe. However, international students will be able to remain on campus, if necessary.

Can you recommend local storage facilities?
Here is a list of local storage facilities.

Can students leave their cars on campus?

Will housing lottery continue remotely?

Do students need to provide a reason if they’re unable to leave?
Students who need to remain should talk with the Dean of Students Office. However, if students can depart campus, they should. We want to help flatten the curve and limit the spread of this illness by reducing the number of students and employees on campus.

Will the school provide free storage for students who live out of state?
Please contact RLO.

Will the college be providing dumpster/donation pods for students to use as they move out of residence halls?
The college is in contact with vendors to find out whether they can be delivered to campus.

For off-campus Cats, can we still use meal swipes, or are you totally discouraging us from returning to campus?
Yes, you can still use meal swipes.

Are you funding travel expenses for students returning home?
Please contact the Dean of Students office.

Will students lose CatCard access?
Students who work with RLO to remain on campus will retain CatCard access. All other students should remain away from campus.

Will you open the walkways for cars to load in?
The Duke bollard has been lowered so students can use Dorm Row to load.

My child left in a hurry and did not take her refrigerator. Is there a chance it can be picked up from her residence to be stored somewhere? 
Contact Residence Life at rlo@davidson.edu.

Do we have to remove bicycles and bike racks from campus?
The college issues summer bike tags if students choose to leave their bicycles on campus. They are available now. Bikes without a pass will be collected and held until students return. If a student has already left, they should contact Campus Police (campuspolice@davidson.eduwith the bike information and location. Campus Police will collect bicycles that remain on campus. Students can contact Campus Police when they return to retrieve their bicycle.

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Dining & Other Campus Services


How long will food be accessible to students who remain on campus?
Vail Commons will be open for the remainder of the semester with extended hours.

Will both Davis Café and Vail Commons remain open? Will the Davis Café remain open until Wednesday, or is it closed now?
To reduce the risk of exposure, we are closing the Davis Café in the Alvarez College Union and moving to full-staff service at Vail Commons. Starting on March 19, 2020 meals at Vail Commons will be served as take-out meals for pick up. Here are the important things to know about meals:

  • In order to keep the meals fresh, pick-up time will be limited to 7:30 to 9 a.m. for breakfast; 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for lunch and 5-6 p.m. for dinner.
  • Please enter on the north side (Patterson Court side).
  • There will be a vegan option at every meal (which will also serve as a vegetarian option).
  • Students can eat at the picnic tables outside of Vail or take the meal elsewhere to eat, but the dining rooms are closed. 
  • Vail will accept meal swipes, Dining Dollars, Declining Balance and Credit/Debit Card payment. They will not accept cash, as part of the effort to reduce contact.
  • Students will be able to purchase Café snacks.

If I live locally but if I check out with RLO, will my dining dollars still be in my account for use at Commons?  
Students need to make RLO aware that they will still be coming to campus so a meal plan refund is not triggered.

Will Dining Dollars be refunded? 
Dining dollars are a part of the meal plan program and will be included in the refund process.

Other Campus Services

Will the bookstore remain open?
Beginning on March 19, 2020, the College Store will be closed, but online orders will continue.

Will Lula Bell’s remain open all semester for those who are staying?
From now until March 18, Lula Bell’s will be open from noon to 5 p.m. on weekdays and by appointment on the weekend for students to return clothing, supplies, and books. Students requiring textbooks for the current semester can still go to Lula Bell’s to request one. Students will be loaned the book for the remainder of the semester. Please email lulabells@davidson.edu with information about the book(s) requested.

After March 18, the current plan to is keep Lula Bell’s open in some capacity. Processes and hours will be changed and inventory will shift due to the ever shifting availability of particular items. 

Will the library remain open?
Yes, the library will be open to students, faculty & staff, through CatCard access 24/7.

Which services on campus will remain open for folks who are staying?
Campus will remain open, but service level will be reduced. The T&I Support Center will focus on phone and email-based remote support.

Will the post office remain open? What about the Alvarez College Union? Will students who remain on campus continue to receive packages?
Those remaining on campus should contact Campus Post Office staff to announce they are staying locally and want to continue picking up mail and packages at the Union. Otherwise, all student mail will be forwarded to the home address on file. Those leaving campus should contact Amazon and all regular shippers (banks, magazines and anyone else they receive mail from) and update their current address.

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Accounts, Refunds & Emergency Funds

Davidson is receiving funds through the CARES Act, some of which goes to students. How are you providing that money to students?
Students already received a majority of this money. We knew the CARES Act money was coming and was intended to help students, so Davidson provided the funds up front to students. We are only now able to apply for the federal funds to cover those costs. 

Davidson gave emergency funds to students to help them get home and pay for storage units. We, then, issued grants to students on scholarships, who were not eligible for refunds, and had returned home, all totaling in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We anticipate future needs, including: increases in students’ aid due to changes in their family’s financial situation, help for students who had off campus employment and storage units for students who did not clear out their rooms. So any additional funds will be provided through channels such as these that are available to all students.

Are students going to get reimbursed for room and board payments?
Refunds for prorated room and board, for eligible students who have left campus due to the COVID-19 event, will be issued the week of March 30. For students whose financial aid funds (grants, scholarships, loans) covered all or part of their room and board charges, we are calculating refunds that will first be made to the fund(s) that covered those charges, and any remaining refund will then go to the student the week of March 30.

If your student has provided banking information to the college, the refund will be directly deposited into the bank account on file. If we do not have banking information, a check will be mailed to the student’s home address. Bank information can be viewed, changed and/or added by your student via Banner Self Service (View Direct Deposit Information).

Because several parents have reached out to us offering to donate any refund they may be eligible for, we thought it might be helpful to share that information more broadly. There are two options if you would like to donate your room and board refund. If you email Dawn Smith at dasmith@davidson.edu before Monday, March 23, Davidson can retain the refund and we will send you a gift acknowledgment letter for your records. If you receive your refund and want to donate it at that time, you can make a gift online or contact Dawn Smith at dasmith@davidson.edu for other ways to give.

What should students do with books?
Books should be taken with you. The deadline to return books, including rented books, will be moved to the end of the fall semester. For books rented from the College Store, please visit the College Store website for more information and return instructions. Refer to the instructions on the College Store homepage, called  "What Do I Do With My Books?"

How can we ensure Davidson knows we left campus for reimbursement purposes?
Students should inform RLO.

If I receive permission to remain on campus but then decide to leave, will I be reimbursed?
We will work with students on a prorated basis. If you can leave now, you should do that. Students who are able to leave should leave. 

Do students have the option to be reimbursed for the $350 semester abroad deposit if they’re unable to go?

Is any tuition being refunded?
No, classes are continuing remotely and we will complete the academic work of the semester. 

Some students are receiving aid through the Davidson student loan fund. Will they have to pay that back? 
Some emergency grant funding is available. Students are encouraged to talk to the Dean of Students Office and they will work with students on solutions that meets their needs. 

Will the medical insurance remain in effect?
Yes, medical coverage will remain in effect until July 31. The coverage can be used both in and outside of the United States.

When can I expect to receive my refund?
Refunds were processed on March 31, for students who properly checked out of their rooms prior to Tuesday, March 24.

How was the amount of my refund determined? 
For students who properly checked out of their rooms prior to Tuesday, March 24:

  • Room costs for those residents who paid the full cost for room are eligible to receive the prorated credit at 50% of their room cost (based on the type of room in which the student was living on campus). Refunds for residents receiving scholarships and aid will be prorated depending on the amount of aid received.
  • Meal costs were prorated as follows:
    • Students on weekly meal plans were credited for 50% of the original value of the meal plan, less Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars were refunded at their actual balance at the time of student departure.
    • Students on block plans were credited for 50% the original value of the plan, less Dining Dollars, unless more than half the total number of meals had already been utilized. In those instances, the student received the prorated value of the remaining meals in the block. Dining Dollars were refunded at their actual balance at the time of student departure. 
    • Refunds for residents receiving scholarships and aid will be prorated depending on the amount of aid received.  
    • For more detailed information related to your student’s meal costs credit, please contact CatCard Services at riterry@davidson.edu.
  • Where scholarships and aid were given to cover any portion of room and/or  board for the spring semester, a prorated amount of aid was removed from the student’s account.   
    • In cases where the full costs of room and board were covered by scholarships and aid, no refund will be issued.
    • Students who left campus and whose room and board was largely paid with scholarship dollars received a food and housing credit of between $500 and $1,500. This credit appeared on the student’s account and then was automatically transferred to the bank account we have on file for that student.
    • For any scholarship and aid questions not covered by the information above, please contact Financial Aid at financialaidoffice@davidson.edu.

Where is the scholarship money going if it isn’t being given to the students? 
“Refund” means money is returned to the source from which it was paid. Room and board is the cost of housing and providing meals for students away from home. Aid dollars for room and board will be used for that purpose in the future. Students who left campus and whose room and board was largely paid with scholarship dollars received a food and housing credit of between $500 and $1,500. This credit appeared on the student’s account and then was automatically transferred to the bank account we have on file for that student.

How will my refund be received?
Refunds were issued via direct deposit to students who had provided banking information to the College. To determine the bank account into which the funds were deposited, log into Banner Self Service/Students/Financial Services/Direct Deposit. If no banking information was provided to the college, refund checks were mailed to the student's home address.

I used 529 funds to pay for room and board.  What should I do with my refund?
You may either coordinate with your 529 provider to return the funds to the plan or you may return the funds back to Davidson. If you return the funds back to Davidson, they will remain as a credit on the student’s account and be applied to future charges.

When will seniors receive their enrollment deposit refunds and remaining cat card declining balance? 
Senior refunds will be processed in June, following the normal timeline, to ensure that all expenses are covered prior to refunds. 

If I owed the college money will my refund be netted against the amount I owed?
Yes, any outstanding balance on a student account was covered prior to issuing a refund. 

Has the refund been adjusted for any room damages?
No, rooms had not yet been assessed for damages. Any applicable charges will be added to student accounts once Residence Life has completed the room assessments.

Last week there was a credit on my account, but now that has been taken away and I am not receiving a refund.  Where did my credit go?
We apologize for any confusion, but you probably looked at your account somewhere in the middle of a three step process that began on March 20. 

  • First, we calculated how much of the room and board payment (regardless who paid it) was left over – how much you had NOT used.
  • Second, that amount was put back in your account, again, regardless of who paid it.
  • Third, we looked at what percentage of your room and board was paid by aid and subtracted that percentage from the amount in your account. That was money to pay the cost of you living and eating on campus, which you no longer are doing. The greater the amount of aid you received, the less money you will receive as a refund. “Refund” means the money is returned to the source from which it was paid. Unused aid dollars for room and board will be used for that purpose in the future. Refunds are being provided to students and families who personally paid for room and board. Students who left campus and whose room and board was largely paid with scholarship dollars received a food and housing credit of between $500 and $1,500. This credit appeared on the student’s account and then was automatically transferred to the bank account we have on file for that student.

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Will the college hold a graduation ceremony on May 17?
The United States is now abiding by physical distancing guidelines through April 30. We in North Carolina are now under a “stay at home” order through most of April, and evolving analyses indicate that physical distancing will remain important at least through mid-May.

Given this, we’ve made the difficult decision to postpone our Commencement celebration. While we will not have a formal Commencement on May 17, degrees will be conferred on that date.  

Will seniors get diplomas by mail?
We will hand out diplomas during the rescheduled Commencement ceremony. 

If you are concerned about possibly needing a physical copy of your diploma earlier, jobs in the United States and all graduate schools require an official transcript and NOT a diploma. International employers may require a copy of your diploma, which really is an original, notarized translation of your Latin diploma. We will be able to send transcripts and notarized translations after May 17. 

If you were planning to receive your diploma at the rescheduled Commencement but cannot attend, we will mail your diploma after the ceremony. 

If your circumstances do not fall into these categories, please reach out to registrar@davidson.edu if you have any other questions. 

When will we know what the commencement plan is?
Once we’re through this, we will celebrate the Class of 2020 with a Commencement ceremony on campus. 

The commencement planning team is working on this and will provide an update as soon as possible. A survey will be sent to seniors. In addition to the survey, Davidson seniors are encouraged to provide their input in planning a Commencement celebration by emailing 2020commencement@davidson.edu.

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Student Employment & Internships

Will the students unable to work off campus still be able to get their work study money?
Please refer to the email message that was sent to student employees and managers from Human Resources. Students should contact their manager with questions.

What is the status of on-campus summer research internships?
No decision has been made yet. We will keep students updated. This is a rapidly evolving situation, and we aren’t able to make decisions at this time about the summer.

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Extracurriculars & Athletics

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Employee Questions

Will employees still be paid even if their job is no longer operating?
In the event there is not on-campus or remote work for a regular employee, we will work with managers to find alternate work for at least the next five weeks, and ensure that all regular employees’ pay and benefits will continue at their current pay rate without interruption.

How are you supporting dining services staff right now?
The college cares deeply about its dining service workers, and all of its employees. We have a very generous paid sick leave policy and have communicated the ability for employees to go into arrears on that leave if they need. We have also communicated the process for those who need to stay home from campus to get approval for that change. We are keeping the welfare of employees, including financial welfare, in the forefront in our contingency planning.

How are you supporting faculty and staff financially, emotionally and physically?
The college has built an accommodation process to help those employees who are at high risk from this virus. We are working hard to help our employees cope by confirming that pay and benefits will continue, by working with those who need to work from home, by accommodating those who are at high risk. We have a very generous paid sick leave policy and have communicated the ability for employees to go into arrears on that leave if needed. Our Employee Assistance Program offers free, confidential counseling to employees and their families, and our wellness classes will start back up in another week or two, once we’ve had time to move them to larger spaces where social distancing guidance can be observed.

Will hourly workers receive paid sick leave? 
Yes, we offer generous sick leave for all of our regular employees, and in this situation, we will allow those affected by COVID-19 to go into arrears on their sick leave, if needed. 

Are parking tickets still being issued? If so, why?
We will continue to ensure that we maintain a safe campus for both the students leaving and those who will remain on campus.

Why isn’t the campus closed if we are only requiring essential staff?
The campus is open so we can continue to support the students on campus.

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Helping Those in Need

Is there any way we can help students who have to remain on campus?
Please contact Dean of Students Office.

Can orgs get access to our ATC funding and use it in a productive/helpful way?
We appreciate the Wildcat spirit, but at this time let's delay those discussions.

How can I support our local community/find support from the community?
The Center for Civic Engagement has created a resource list regarding Supporting (and Support In) the Local Community.

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FAQs For Students on Campus/Locally

What do I need to know about meal service?

  • We have moved to take-out service only. Students should enter Vail on the north side (the Patterson Court side), self-swipe their card, and proceed to the first dining station. There you can let our associate know what you would like from our menu. This will allow you to avoid getting items that you don’t plan to eat and to ask for an extra-large helping of that item you love. It will be put in a box and you will leave to dine wherever you would like.  The dining room will be closed. We will ask you to practice social distancing while you are picking up meals. If there is someone in front of you getting their meal prepared, please leave at least 6 feet between you. We’ve even put down clever blue tape marks to help you maintain that distance. 
  • Vail Commons will continue to provide three meals per day Monday-Friday and two meals (brunch and dinner) on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Hours are:
    • Monday-Friday
      • Breakfast: 7:30 – 9 a.m.
      • Lunch: 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
      • Dinner: 5 – 6 p.m.
    • Saturday/Sunday
      • Brunch: 10 a.m. – noon
      • Dinner: 5 – 6 p.m.
  • We believe these times will allow you to pick up a meal regardless of your academic schedule. If you find yourself unable to come by, contact Vail Commons at 704-894-2348 to let us know that someone will be picking it up for you.  If you have some very unusual schedule that prevents you from picking up during the lunch time window, contact Pinky Varghese at 704-894-2076 to let him know.
  • These meals continue to be made from scratch by our culinarily-trained cooks and chefs from fresh ingredients.  We are continuing to get deliveries from our primary food vendor. We will not be using pre-packaged products unless or until we absolutely must. Every meal will include a vegan option.

How will I be able to use my meal plan?

  • Students remaining in residence are required to stay on their original meal plan.
  • For 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students, any Dining Dollars left at the end of this semester will be rolled over to the next academic year. You will not lose them. We will refund to seniors any Dining Dollars they have remaining at the end of this semester.
  • We will accept all CatCard forms of payment for meals (meal plan swipes, Dining Dollars, Declining Balance) as well as credit cards and debit cards. We will not accept cash.
  • If you have a block plan that is running out or if you determine that your weekly plan is not enough to cover you each week, you may purchase a mini-block plan by contacting Anne Cavett at ancavett@davidson.edu. These 20-Block Plans cost $231, plus sales tax of 8.25%.
  • You may also purchase a meal at the door for $12.45.

Can I still get mail and packages at the Post Office?  What if I Ieave campus before the semester ends?

  • The Post Office in the Knobloch Campus Center (College Union) will continue to receive and process mail and packages. Our hours will be 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday - Friday. We will also continue to help you mail out packages.
  • If you are living off-campus, but staying in the area, but you have not notified the Post Office, your mail and packages will be automatically forwarded to your home address in Banner. If you do not want this to happen, contact Chris Bradley at chbradley@davidson.edu to let him know you will continue to pick up mail at the Knobloch Campus Center.
  • If you leave campus at a later date, contact Chris Bradley so he can begin forwarding your mail.
  • If you are leaving campus at a later date and you are a senior, please return your key before leaving.
  • Remember that you will need to card into the building to get to the Post Office.

What if I have CatCard issues?

  • If your CatCard stops working, the CatCard Office will be open from 10 a.m. to noon, Monday-Friday to make a new card for you. 
  • If you have questions about access needs that are not emergencies, contact ancavett@davidson.edu and the office will be back in touch with you the next business day. 
  • We have set up all of these services to both serve you as conveniently as possible and to limit interaction between our staff and you. We may determine that these hours are not ideal or that they are unnecessarily long.  We will continue to update you via email about any changes in service. Thanks for your patience and stay well.

What buildings can I access with my CatCard? What facilities are closed?

  • Academic buildings are open by card access from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
  • The Union is open by card access from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. 
  • The fitness center in the Union now is closed.
  • The post office is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Vail Commons is open for take-out meals as follows:
    • Breakfast – 7:30 to 9 a.m.
    • Lunch – 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
    • Dinner – 5 to 6 p.m.
  • The library is open by card access only.
  • The Baker Sports Complex is closed.
  • The Hurt Hub is closed to students but please check the website for online programming.
  • The Lake Campus is closed.
  • The bookstore is closed. 

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