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Teaching with Davidson Next

As an AP teacher you are highly committed to your students and to creating a great experience in your classroom. To that end, we want to help you effectively use the Davidson Next modules in your AP classes.

There are multiple ways you can use Davidson Next materials to supplement or enhance your in-class instruction, or to enrich your own professional development. In addition to the course materials, we also offer customized course materials as well as a course for AP teachers on how best to teach with Davidson Next.

In the Classroom

Use the Davidson Next modules as part of your in-class instruction or as extra supports for your students. The "Teaching with Davidson Next" course offers best practices and ways you can integrate the materials in your class most effectively.

Professional Development

Use Davidson Next courses and materials for your own inspiration, enrichment and professional development as you prepare to teach your AP courses.

Customized Courses

Beginning in August, Davidson Next will offer a limited number of individualized versions of Davidson Next MOOCs, in which you are appointed as the instructor and you enroll your own students. This will limit discussion forums to just your students and you will be able to see data on your students' progress and performance.

If you are an AP teacher interested in this option, please email the Davidson Next team at or apply here.

‘Teaching with Davidson Next' Course

Join fellow AP teachers from around the country in this course, during which you will have plenty of opportunities to collaborate and discuss with each other ways to implement Davidson Next in your classes.

"Teaching with Davidson Next" explains the purpose and mission of Davidson Next and what is available to AP teachers on We share real-life examples of ways that AP teachers have leveraged Davidson Next and best practices when it comes to blended learning.

Topics include the following.

  • Teaching with Davidson Next
  • Blended Learning & Davidson Next
  • Empowering Teachers with Choice
  • Navigating Davidson Next on edX
  • Mock Classes & Blended Learning Scenarios
  • Student Data & How to Assess Progress
  • How to Get Started with Davidson Next

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