May 12: Thank You for Your Commitment, Change in Mask Rule for Outdoors

Students, your dedicated work brought a successful conclusion to the year and a terrific commencement ceremony yesterday for seniors. You all should feel pride in what we accomplished together.

One example of your commitment to each other has been your adhering to the COVID safety guidelines, including wearing a mask outdoors while on campus. Thank you. As the spring semester drew to a close, federal and state officials issued new guidance on safety protocols. Students also showed an eagerness to get the COVID vaccine, as reflected in the percentage reporting their shots. That percentage is even higher for students remaining over the summer for research and other projects. We have factored all of that information into our decision making regarding campus operations.

Effective immediately, masks will no longer be required outdoors. However, mask guidelines and six foot physical distancing for indoors remain in place. We continue to regularly assess our guidelines and will do so as the return to campus in August draws closer.

Please continue to look out for each other and thank you, again, for your perseverance and patience this year.

Core COVID Response Team

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May 5: Weekly COVID Update

The Situation

1,450 students have reported starting the vaccination process. That’s 73 percent of all students, including those who are remote, and 79 percent of those who were “on-site” for the year. 

1,390 students are fully vaccinated—70 percent of all students, 75 percent of those “on-site.” 

If you haven’t already gotten a vaccination, please get one. If you got one, please “snap your shot” and send the photo or scan of your vaccination card to the Student Health Portal

The Fall

This is our last weekly COVID message for the academic year, barring the need to send you urgent information. We will provide guidance about the fall as those circumstances grow clearer. 

Thank you for your commitment to keeping each other safe this year and the work that went into following the guidelines and finding creative ways to stay connected. We will be sending out a survey about the year and appreciate your insights when you respond.

Best of luck with final exams and projects. All good wishes for a terrific summer, and congratulations to seniors!

Core COVID Response Team

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