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Studies in the Novel: Body Politics in Francophone Fiction (Spring 2018)

SPRING 2018 TOPIC: Body Politics in Francophone Fiction
Instructor: Sainte-Claire

Study of the political, social and cultural forces that shape women's experience and beliefs about their own bodies.  In this literature course, we will analyze the social construction of women's bodies through the very intimate lens of the family in contemporary French and Francophone fictions. We will see that personal power weighs as much as institutional and disciplinary powers when it comes to the degree of control young women retain over their bodies. Throughout our readings, students will learn to define and analyze the historical, political and socio-cultural conditions surrounding these representations in order to acquire critical skills that are essential to approaching a literary text. Students will become familiar with authors such as Marguerite Duras, Mongo Beti, Marie Chauvet, Maryse Condé, Yannick Lahens and Leïla Marouane.  Discussion, assignments, primary and secondary sources studied in French.  

Satisfies the ways of knowing requirement in Literary Studies, Creative Writing, and Rhetoric.


French 220 or above, or permission of the instructor.