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German for Economics and Policy


This advanced intermediate language course provides an introduction to the economic and political structures in Germany and the EU. Covered topics include the history and current state of the most important political structures (parties, governmental structures in Germany and Europe), economic structures (trade agreements, finance, corporate and business structures), the role of the press and political foundations and non-governmental think thanks, and the transatlantic relationship. The course involves case studies: small groups of students will coordinate with a local German (or Swiss or Austrian) company in the Charlotte region and do an in-depth study of the company in the context of the course; this involves on-site visits and interviews and networking with German business leaders. The course culminates with a student-designed Davidson German Business Forum: a symposium and poster session in which students present their case studies with the German business leaders present. The course offers intensive work in German in the course topics. Taught in German. Prerequisite: German 201 or the equivalent.


Satisfies a major requirement in German Studies

Satisfies a minor requirement in German Studies

Satisfies a minor requirement in International Studies

Students entering 2012 and after: satisfies Liberal Studies requirement

Fulfills the foreign language requirement


Taught in German. German 201 or the equivalent.

(Not offered in 2016-17)