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Sp 2018 Topics: A-Immigration Policy; B-North Carolina Politics

Special Topics in American Politics (SPRING 2018)

Section A: Immigration Policy
Instructor: Schmidt

This course will survey the contemporary political conflict over U.S. immigration policy.  The course will ask three central questions:

  1. Why do people migrate?
  2. What is U.S. immigration today?  How did it get to here?  How does it work?
  3. What are some of the most contentious issues that confront efforts to reform U.S. immigration policy? 

Among those issues to be investigated will be: (a) how to best deal with undocumented immigrants; (b) what are the economic, cultural, and political implications and impacts of contemporary immigration?; (c) should immigration policy priorities shift from family-based to a skills-based approach?

Section B: North Carolina Politics
Instructor: Morrill

Over the decades, North Carolina has gone from solidly blue to reliably red to one of the most purple states in America.  This course looks at the current state of North Carolina politics, how it got this way, and where it might go in the future.