Our library is the crossroads for intellectual engagement and scholarship at Davidson College, a dynamic environment for students, faculty, staff and the broader community to explore, adapt and create knowledge.

We advance the College’s purpose in developing disciplined and creative minds by providing expertise, space, resources and services for research and access to information. We partner to provide convenient access to services from across the college—including tutoring, pedagogical support and technology. We serve as an inclusive campus space for thoughtful deliberation and dialogue across differences, the exercise of creativity and imagination and the development of intercultural competence.

Our vision is for the E.H. Little Library to inspire, innovate, partner and preserve:

  • The library provides spaces, services and resources to inspire a community of learners engaged in research, scholarship and creative pursuits. It is a unique organization that fully embodies the college’s purpose to assist students in developing humane instincts and disciplined and creative minds for lives of leadership and service. The physical spaces within the library reflect the ever-changing research, teaching, learning and wellness needs of our community—offering quiet areas designed for reflection and study, flexible meeting rooms to engage in rich conversations, and open spaces to come together as a community. The library’s spaces and programming provide faculty, students and staff greater opportunities and resources to participate in deliberation and dialogue across differences, exercise creativity and imagination and develop intercultural competence.

  • The library is a center for innovation—a centralized place to explore a network of specialized resources and technologies—and find the expertise needed for success across all disciplines. A truly interdisciplinary organization, the library actively engages students and faculty across the College to collaborate, explore, experiment and grow as researchers, creators and scholars.  

  • The library actively partners with other organizations committed to student and faculty success. In partnership with the Center for Teaching & Learning and Technology & Innovation, the library offers a full suite of support services to enhance the student experience. 

  • The library provides thoughtful stewardship and preservation of print and digital records, meeting the challenges of the digital era in efficient and useful ways. Librarians partner with faculty to assess and curate our print and digital resources, ensuring the preservation of our past and showcasing of our creative and academic excellence.