The librarians are available to meet with your class and help your students polish their research skills and learn about specific resources and research tools.

Custom Designed Sessions

After consulting with you, the librarians will prepare and teach an information literacy session or a series of sessions that meet your needs as well as the needs and skill levels of your students. Each library session is unique because we individually design each one to support the subject matter, assignments, and learning outcomes of your course.

What a Session Covers

We can cover whatever you need. Possible topics include:

  • Research methods (general, subject-specific, or discipline-specific)
  • Introduction to specific information sources and the tools for accessing them
  • Citation management and Zotero training
  • Identifying and using primary sources, archival materials, and other special materials
  • Locating, selecting, and evaluating Web resources
  • We can also set up individual or group consultations instead of a traditional library session. This format allows us to customize instruction to the research needs of each individual in the class. It is a particularly effective format for small, upper-level courses as well for classes in which students have a wide range of previous research experience.

Length of Sessions

Most sessions are 50 or 75 minutes and take place during regular class times. We also can schedule sessions outside of regular class times if you wish.

Session Locations

Most library sessions are held in the library's Information Literacy Learning Center, a bring-your-own-device classroom. If you wish, a librarian can also come to your classroom and lead the information literacy session there.

Schedule a Session

Please contact Cara Evanson at or 704-894-2152 to schedule a session.