Book & Video Orders

Faculty members may submit orders using our Library materials request form.

Please remember that all orders must be prioritized using the following scale.

  1. Essential purchase for existing or new class and/or research, needed as soon as possible.
  2. Important addition for the collection. You expect high use into the future, including use by students.
  3. Good title but not essential; you expect lower use.

 Questions? Please email acquisitions at, or call Trish Johnson, Acquisitions Assistant, at 704-894-2684.

Journals and Databases

To request a new journal subscription or enquire about getting a new database, please contact Kelly Denzer at

The library is happy to gather information, negotiate prices, set up trials, and explore options with you.

Choice Reviews

The new Choice Reviews online gives subscribers immediate access to a comprehensive archive of more than 200,000 reviews representing a quarter-century of scholarship. This online resource replaces the paper cards that were circulated amongst faculty in the past. Create an account to save or share lists of reviews, build cardstacks for a group to solicit the opinion of your colleagues, or set up automatic notifications of reviews in your area of study. For more information, please see the Choice Reviews FAQ.