Election Dates

General Election Registration Deadline: October 9, 2020

General Election: November 3, 2020

Am I Registered to Vote? Find Out

It’s easy to check your registration status by visiting the voter registration search page on the North Carolina State Board of Elections website.

  • Registration Deadlines: Applications must be received or postmarked no later than 25 days before Election Day. After the 25th day before the election, you may register in person during the early voting period at the one-stop site in your county of residence.

Where Should College Students Vote?

College students can register and vote in the county where they are attending college. A registered voter may only have one residence. If the college student considers his or her school address to be his or her residence, the college student may register and vote in the county where the school is located. Davidson College is located in Mecklenburg County.

Learn more about registering to vote as a college student in North Carolina.

Davidson College scholar-athletes will not have practice on Election Day, per guidance issued by the NCAA.

What Are My Voting Options?

Not sure whether you want to vote in-person? Need information about the multiple ways in which you can cast your ballot? Find sample ballots, early voting site information, absentee ballot information and more on the North Carolina State Board of Elections website.

Polling places are open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Election Day. Any voter in line at 7:30 p.m. will be able to vote. The busiest times tend to be early in the morning and just before the polls close. Avoid longer lines by voting at off-peak times.

How Do I Request a Mail-In Ballot?

The State Board of Elections is offering registered voters in North Carolina the option to request a ballot online via the Absentee Ballot Request Portal. Visit the NC State Board of Elections website to learn more and submit your absentee ballot request.

How Do I Know My Ballot Was Received?

The NC State Board of Elections has launched BallotTrax, a free service where voters can track the status of their absentee ballot.

When Does Early Voting Begin?

The in-person early voting period begins Thursday, Oct. 15, and ends Saturday, Oct. 31. During early voting, voters may cast a ballot at any early voting site in their county. This is different from Election Day when registered voters must vote at their assigned precinct. Find one-stop early voting sites and additional information on the North Carolina Board of Elections website.

Is There a Voter ID Requirement in North Carolina?

Voters will NOT be required to show photo ID for elections held in 2020.