Scholars, Leaders and Athletes, Oh My! Meet The Class of 2016

Davidson College and 493 members of the Class of 2016 have spent the past few days getting better acquainted during Orientation activities. The new students represent another stellar group of young scholars and leaders from around the world. The admission office that recruited them has compiled the following profile of the latest generation of Wildcats:

  • The class includes 493 first year students -- 241 men and 252 women - and eight transfer students, most of whom join the sophomore class.
  • They were selected from an applicant pool of 4,770, the largest pool in the history of the college. Admission was offered to 24.9% of applicants, and the college yielded 41 % of those. By design, some were accepted off the wait list.
  • The Class of 2016 comes from 35 states, the District of Columbia and 25 countries. 108 students call North Carolina home and 39% will be coming from Southeastern states.
  • 90 students have a family tie to Davidson.
  • 119 students are recruited student athletes.
  • 15 took the Davidson experience for a test drive as participants in the college's July Experience summer program.
  • 46 incoming students are the first in their family to attend college.
  • The Class of 2016 is the most diverse class the college has ever enrolled, including 41 African Americans, 46 Asian Americans, 35 Hispanic Americans, 6 American Indians, and 27 Internationals - all being record highs for the college.
  • Last year 25.3% in the Class of 2015 had multicultural backgrounds, and this year the percentage has risen to 31.4%.
  • Members of the Class of 2016 were academic leaders in their secondary schools, with 85% of students ranked being ranked in the top 10% of their class. Their SAT test scores for the middle 50% in critical reading were 620-720, for math 640-720, and for writing 620-720. The middle 50% of ACT test scores were 29-32.
  • They represent the strength of the college's financial aid program, with need-based aid provided to 45% of members of the incoming class, merit based aid provided to 12% and athletic based aid provided to 5% of the class.
  • Once again, members of the class arrive with a wonderful blend of experiences, talents, views and stories. The class includes a student who won a Battle of The Bands Contest that was judged by the Fray, students who have been instrumental in the development of younger siblings, a student who issued a successful invitation to former president Bill Clinton to speak at a celebration of Earth Day, and a professionally sponsored longboarder.

Classes at Davidson begin Monday morning, August 27.


  • August 24, 2012