Sarah Gustafson ’14 Receives Kelly Award for Thesis

The History Department congratulates Sarah Gustafson '14, who received the 2014 Kelly Award for her thesis, "Representing Joan of Arc: Youth, School, and Citizenship in the Thalamas Affair of 1904."

Through her exhaustive and creative archival research, Gustafson recovered a little-known scandal involving a secular secondary schoolteacher and his Catholic students. Her work makes a significant contribution to the cultural history of the French Third Republic, particularly as concerns educational politics and the historical memory of Joan of Arc at the turn of the century.

With Joan and the Thalamas Affair as points of entry, Gustafson's thesis exposes the volatile Third Republican investment in a new notion of the young citizen which would have consequences for the development of the political theater of the Republic and its opponents in the years leading up to the Great War-and for decades after.

The Kelley Award is part of the Kendrick Kelley Program in Historical Studies, established in memory of Ken Kelley, a 1963 honors graduate in history who was later killed in Vietnam.

Gustafson also is a Belk Scholar and recipient of the W. Thomas Smith Scholarship for study abroad.


  • May 1, 2014


  • History