T&I Announces Organizational Changes

Technology is always changing -- and so, too, do the teams and organizations that support technology at colleges.

Davidson is no exception. Innovation is part of our name, and embracing experimentation and failure through innovation is one of T&I’s core values.

We’ve made a lot of progress as a division since our 2016 reorganization, and since then, we’ve been making regular changes to the organizational structure to better meet campus needs and to adapt to lessons learned on our journey.  

Today we have a few more changes and shifts to announce in the T&I organization. To summarize:

  • First, our instructional design team led by Sundi Richard will join the Library beginning July 1. T&I will continue to support academic technology, in close partnership with our Library colleagues.

  • Additionally, T&I has reimagined our web and application development team, now known as our digital transformation group, led by JD Mills.

  • Finally, we’ve made some changes to our organization structure, after Kevin Davis vacated the deputy chief information officer role to become Davidson’s CIO this year.

    • Nick Roberts now leads our identity team in addition to enterprise applications and analytics, while Jessamyn Donovan provides leadership for our user success, engagement, academic technology, and digital transformation efforts.

    • We’re happy to announce two recent hires in T&I: John Eggleston as our manager of technology infrastructure, along with Chris Hovis as our information security analyst and program manager.

    • And, as was recently announced to campus staff via email, Kristen Eshleman will now report to Vice President and General Counsel Sarah Phillips.

We’ve provided an updated copy of the T&I organization chart (PDF) that shows how we’re structured today. Please see below for more details on these changes.

New Collaborations to Support Teaching, Learning, and Research

Starting in July 2019, the Instructional Design/Digital Learning team led by Sundi Richard will move from their offices in Technology & Innovation’s (T&I) Main Street location to join the staff at E.H. Little Library. Representatives with expertise in instructional design, digital scholarship, and research support will join together in the Library’s future Research & Scholarship Lab, which will be constructed on the first floor directly behind the lobby classroom. Daniel Lynds, Thomas Espenscheid (who’s just joined our team as a Digital Media Specialist) and our Digital Learning Fellow (Ikra Javed '18) are part of this transition.

Supporting both traditional and new models of student centered teaching, learning, and research in the liberal arts, the Research & Scholarship Lab will provide centralized access to information and technology professionals who consult with faculty and students around research, assignment and course design, and other scholarly activities. In close proximity to the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) and T&I's Support Center, this collaborative group will partner to provide the expertise and services needed to design, develop, and assess effective learning experiences across the curriculum.

In the coming weeks, the CTL website will be updated to include more information about the range of services that the Library and T&I offer to faculty and students -- including information about research & instructional design services, opportunities for project-based support within classes and other scholarly activities, and examples of the team’s deeper collaborative work with faculty.

T&I’s Support Center will continue to provide general technology assistance for widely used applications like Moodle and Davidson Domains; to maintain the college’s general purpose computer labs along with specialized facilities such as Studio M and the Media Lab; to procure and distribute academic software; and to develop, build and maintain classroom technologies. Within T&I, Brian Little and Neil Reda will lead this academic technology work, along with a new colleague focusing on audiovisual systems engineering, and will be supported by an additional resource focusing on instructional and research computing in the infrastructure team.

After this change, faculty, students, and others can contact the Research & Scholarship Team at the library for consultative support on instructional design, digital learning and scholarship, and research support; and, can continue to contact the T&I Support Center for general technology support by visiting our Little or 213 N. Main St. locations or by phone, email or web.

New Digital Transformation Leads Technology Modernization

T&I in recent years has invested time and energy in modernizing the campus technology experience -- from delivering more mobile-friendly applications, to updating the campus’ web presence, to updated enterprise data reporting and insights. As part of this transformation, we worked to develop several custom web applications, including the CatSched course room scheduling system.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done on these projects, but in looking back on the initial concept of the Digital Innovation team, we’ve learned that the return on effort for these applications isn’t the best way for our team to modernize the technology experience at Davidson. This is part of innovation: trying new things, evaluating how they worked, and making changes based on the lessons learned.

Earlier this year, T&I relaunched the Digital Innovation group as our Digital Transformation team. This team has a broad skill set and serves as an internal consulting team that helps to deliver new and improved T&I services and to help other campus divisions with critical technology projects. It also serves to support automation and integration efforts, with an eye towards improving processes, systems and infrastructure that are inefficient or could provide an improved user experience. This team provided significant support for the website migration and is working on improvements to the CatCard system this summer.

JD Mills is leading this team, and Tessa Jones '18 has rejoined Davidson and this team after working for a wireless networking company since graduation. Ashley Alexander-Lee '17 is leaving T&I and this team after the end of her Fellows program tenure.

Leadership Changes

Lastly, with Kevin Davis’ change in role to become the College’s chief information officer (CIO) earlier in 2019, T&I has made several changes to our organizational structure, including to assume responsibility for the work Kevin did in his deputy CIO role.

Most of T&I’s operational functions now report to T&I’s two directors, Jessamyn Donovan and Nick Roberts:

  • Jessamyn, as director for IT outreach and engagement, is responsible for services that broadly serve and engage with the campus. This includes the Support Center, managed by John McCann; the Digital Transformation team; our project and relationship management function; technology training and communications; and academic technology services.

  • Nick, as director for enterprise systems and analytics, is responsible for college-wide administrative systems such as Banner, OnBase and EMS; account provisioning, login and identity management services; integration services to connect departmental applications to and from enterprise data sources; and the campus’ main reporting database (the data warehouse) and reporting services.

Two new hires have joined T&I as well leading functions (IT infrastructure and security) that were formerly led by Kevin. John Eggleston has joined Davidson as manager of technology infrastructure; John has led both on-premises and cloud infrastructure teams and has relocated to the area from Wisconsin. Chris Hovis is Davidson’s new information security analyst and program manager, leading our efforts to maintain and improve our ability to prevent, detect and respond to cybersecurity events.

Both Chris and John report to Kevin, and John joins John McCann, JD Mills, and the directors on T&I’s leadership team.

Lastly, as announced by Kevin in his June 19 email to the campus, Kristen Eshleman will now report to Sarah Phillips, college Vice President and General Counsel. Kristen’s work has been increasingly focused on innovative academic and partner initiatives, such as the Davidson in Silicon Valley pilot program, and on internal consulting work across the College. We are excited to see Kristen take on a full-time role focused in this important area!


  • June 19, 2019


  • Technology & Innovation