Rapids, Peaks and Wilderness Round Out Game Changer John Huie's Educational Philosophy

John Huie '60 stands inside stone monument

John Huie’s mother had ambitions for her son – he would go to Princeton as it was Presbyterian and prestigious. He got the last two parts, still, when he secretly applied to attend Davidson College.

“I took one look at the Princeton catalog and knew I wasn’t going there,” he said. “So one morning I announced at breakfast that I was going to Davidson and that I had received a full scholarship to play basketball and pole vault and high jump. I told my mother that I was going to Princeton – the Princeton of the South. She was not amused.”

John graduated in 1960 with a major in history and a minor in psychology. He was captain of both the basketball and track teams his senior year. He reflects on an academically rigorous experience, learning from brilliant faculty members like Frontis Johnston and William Workman, as well as hard, “pre-Lefty Driesell” years on the basketball court.

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I quickly learned that it wasn’t just about bagging peaks and shooting rapids in the wilderness; it was about becoming a fully alive human being and a world citizen.

John Huie ’60, Former Director, NC Outward Bound School & Educational Consultant


  • June 21, 2019


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